Criminal Court Live Update: Mischief, Uttering Threats

To be updated. Court starts at 2:00 PM PST.

UPDATE 2:40 PM PST: Yaniv’s lawyers name is J. Singh. Matter was called early at the defense’s request. Crown lawyer is Alastair Baird.

UPDATE 2:05 PM PST: Case adjourned until Feb 17, 2021 so the defence can hear the particulars of the case from the prosecutor.

If this way me, I’d want it dealt with as fast as possible. This is ok though – Yaniv will lose that much more sleep and probably fuck up that many more times while it’s adjourned. That will further aggravate this and his other criminal charges.

We’ll keep you posted.

Background: On October 22, 2020, while Chris Elston was legally and lawfully campaigning on public sidewalks to raise awareness and promote his beliefs about the current state of affairs related to gender identity and children, Jessica Yaniv Simpson approached him in their vehicle and threatened to kill him. This was caught on video and broadcast on social media.

Yaniv then proceeded to call RCMP to claim that Elston was committing mischief, which Langley RCMP determined he had not, and that Elston threatened Yaniv, which Langley RCMP again determined that he had not. Langley RCMP proceeded to charge Yaniv with one count of uttering threats and two counts of mischief for the false reports.

According to our legal experts, the fact that an arrest warrant was issued in this matter (instead of a summons, as was issued for Yaniv’s last charges) is a rather serious matter. It requires that the offense be indictable or a hybrid offense.

It’s relatively rare in Canada for a person to be detained post-arrest unless the crime was extremely serious or in certain circumstances, like someone from out of the country. Even in those cases, the accused must be brought before a judge within 24 hours and could be granted bail or released.

It’s unlikely that the Crown will proceed with an indictment for something this relatively minor, and it’s almost guaranteed that Yaniv will not face jail time, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get away free.

Public mischief charges are treated relatively seriously because they are seen as an offence against the administration of justice. Yaniv has been warned repeatedly about this and still thinks he’s above the law, so it’s probable that a judge will not look upon these charges forgivingly.

The other risk for Yaniv is that his previous conditional discharge for possession of an illegal weapon will likely be overturned and a conviction will be entered for that charge. Crown will likely proceed with a proper sentence and Yaniv will have a criminal record.

Again, jail time is unlikely. Yaniv will probably face probation with tighter conditions.

This may also play into Yaniv’s upcoming trial where he is accused of assaulting Keean Bexte. This is scheduled for February 19, 2021, which interestingly corresponds with Yaniv’s scheduled February 19 hearing related to his crumbling case against Donald Smith. Sources close to this matter state that Yaniv is asking for this case to be rescheduled due his claimed surgery recovery. I’m sure the civil case will be moved, but the trial will be interesting.

MeowMix will keep you posted on all of these events.