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Court Update: Jessica Simpson Criminal Charges

A legal student (Nima Sahebi) appeared today on behalf of Andrew Coulthard, legal counsel for Jessica Simpson, aka Jessica Yaniv, really known as Jonathan Yaniv.

Yaniv’s lawyer was unable to attend because he is in isolation due to COVID. For this reason he is also unable to confirm if he has received file details from Crown (particulars). A hearing was scheduled for the March 16, 2021.

Yaniv’s defense reiterated that they intend to proceed to trial with these charges.

Other Legal Updates

  • Yaniv Weapons Offense – Yaniv’s defense filed an application on February 11, 2021. We suspect it was to remove more probation conditions. He did this previously on Dec 14, 2021 and that application was granted. When that happened, CSO was updated to say “APG”, or application granted. Feb 11’s appearance does not say that so MeowMix believes his application was not granted, or there may be court delays.
  • Yaniv’s assault charge – next hearing is March 8, 2021, where a trial date will hopefully be set.
  • Township of Langley vs JY – ongoing. No news.
  • JY vs FHA/PHSA – ongoing. FHA filed a “gtfo” response on Feb 8, 2021.
  • JY vs Choo’s – dropped.
  • JY vs Waxers 2.0 – dropped
  • JY vs. Rebel – JY was last instructed to pay his court fees and has not done so. No updated since Sept 11, 2020.
  • JY vs Donald – hearing scheduled for Feb 19. MeowMix will provide coverage.
  • JY vs Amy Hamm – no updates recently.
  • JY vs Kari Simpson – dropped.
  • JY vs Bexte and Menzies – provincial – no updated since Sept 2020.

What a life this guy lives…