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Court Update: Feb 19, 2021 – JY vs DFS

This hearing was brought on by Donald Smith’s application to compel Jessica Yaniv Simpson to produce the submissions that Judge Gaffer ordered him to produce in September 2020. The Judge informed Yaniv that his claim could not be heard in Small Claims Court but Yaniv refused to withdraw it (while simultaneously withdrawing his identical claim against Kari Simpson on the exact same guidance from the Judge).

Yaniv was given clear instruction to produce his submissions to support his case. The fun starts at 9:00 am PST. MeowMix will live update as info comes in.

Update media : Special thanks to Donald smith for the photos and video of the gruesome twosome

Jonboys departure and yet again waste of RCMP. Below their arrival in court Jonboy looking like the Pedo version of bane. Miriam not wearing mask properly but then that womans never done anything right.

Update 6: 1:45 PM PST

Quick note…while waiting in the courtroom, Miriam Yaniv was giving JY some kind of prescription meds, which he happily popped. Maybe she should take some meds. The way she walked in and out of the courthouse like a raving lunatic indicates to me that she’s not stable at all.

Yaniv introduced his “bodyguard” (the rent-a-cop) to the Judge, who looked at him and said, “Your bodyguard? There’s three sherriff’s in this courtroom.”. I imagine the conversations in the courtroom coffee room are hilarious.

Yaniv also asked the Judge to issue an order stating that Kari Simpson was being disruptive and the Judge refused. The Judge said she was helpful to Donald.

Update 5: 11:00 AM PST

As you watch the video below remember that Jonathan says he is terrified of Donald assaulting him. Watch how Yaniv runs from Donald AND LEAVES HIS MOTHER BEHIND with the “violent person”.

Can you believe the cowardice?

Update 4: 10:45 AM PST

Exit video below. Yaniv pressed the panic button on his neck pendant. There has never been a weaker, more cowardly person to walk this earth. Ever.

Can you guys imagine being that pathetic that you need to press a panic button on a pendant to walk out of the court? And Miriam running her mouth like that? Ridiculous!

At 0:47 Yaniv starts shouting for police to help him. Donald hasn’t done anything and nobody has touched him. Unfortunately.

Yaniv keeps walking to his car and leaves his mother behind. Police approach to deal with the issue and they ignored Donald and Kari – as they should. They simply observed. You can tell there’s a level of frustration from the police towards Yaniv and the scene he creates everywhere he goes.

Make sure you have the volume up so you can hear Yaniv whining. It’s good fun.

At 3:10 Yaniv is driving away and makes a u-turn right into an oncoming car, forcing them to slam on the brakes before Yaniv cuts them off and speeds away like a coward.

Update 3: 10:40 AM PST

Predictably, Yaniv whined and had the court hearing adjourned. He claimed he was bleeding from his “vagina” (not a vagina) and has a doctor’s appointment to attend.

Update 2: 9:07 AM PST

Right at the end of the video, Yaniv can be heard calling Donald an “autistic fucking retard” again.

In the initial video Yaniv can be heard saying Donald and Kari both have COVID. Is he afraid they’ll be allowed into the court to destroy him?

Also someone tell Miriam her mask should go over her nose. Just sayin…

If you ever want to see a sad look, observe the poor security guard. He’s rethinking his entire life.

Is the thing on his left leg some sort of strap-on catheter bag holder? To anyone wondering, it’s not a thigh holster. Not in Canada.

Update 1: 8:45 AM PST

Yaniv has arrived. First he came in his own vehicle, but then he saw Donald and left. He returned in Miriam’s car and hid in the parkade.

He then arrived with security from Potential Security and his mother. They made their way into courtroom 314, which opens at 9:30 PST. Yaniv is standing with a heavy backpack on and wearing his bodycam.

Yaniv is also wearing two braces – faking disabilities again it seems.

Update 0.5:

Not about todays court visit but Jonathan thinks he was part of this (see below). Reality: Jon had absolutely nothing in any way whatsoever to do with the Meghan Murphy vs Twitter case, other than being mentioned in the original tweet. This is like me saying “we won the lawsuit against Microsoft” that I had nothing to do with.

Jon, you didn’t win anything. You’ve never won anything. You’re a LOSER. Always will be. Losers lose.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest tweets and replies from Jonathan “I Lopped My Penis Off and I Liked It” Yaniv. He seems grouchy this morning.

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