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Court Details: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs DFS Hearing

As promised, friends of MeowMix were in attendance at the explosive hearing between Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Donald Smith. We know the result – the judge awarded $350 for costs to DFS. This was probably at the upper end of what the judge could have awarded him, but more importantly is that JY was sent a message.

The notes below are from our friends that were in attendance at the hearing and after. Some prefer not to be named. Thank you to everyone for supporting MeowMix in our efforts to document Yaniv’s antics.

Notes from our first friend:

  • 1:56 PM – Enter court building sees Jessica Yaniv Simpson waiting at top floor looking down.
  • 1:58 PM – Enter courtroom 312 Miriam telling court clerk/reporter she has court tomorrow, she is self-representing, asks what is she supposed to do? Clerk says it has nothing to do with her. JYS comes in and tells her mom to sit down.
  • 2:00 PM – Judge is informed that DFS is not there, will give them 10 mins.
  • 2:06 PM – Kari Simpson walks in, JYS calls her a “fucking bitch”, Sheriff tells JYS she will be arrested if she does that again.
  • 2:10 PM – Kari tells Court there was car accident causing them to be late. JYS snickers saying car crash. DFS goes to bench, drops his paperwork, says “Shit”, JYS says to Sheriff why aren’t you arresting him for swearing.
  • 2:17 PM – Judge comes out and court in session. Starts off asking DFS, and then asks JYS. JYS says he wants adjournment because he got 150 pages on June 1, despite evidence showing May date. Judge agrees 150 pages very long, and most of it is garbage, but will not give JYS an adjournment. DFS start his case, JYS talks, Judge tells him to be quiet.
  • 2:26 PM – Kari goes to bench to clear some confusion. Donald keeps reading his case against JYS, Miriam starts to write notes and pass them to Sheriff who shakes head and says no then starts to talk loudly. Judge says “quiet, if you wish to talk go into hallway”, Miriam says she will, another sheriff follows her out. JYS says there are no tabs on the application, babbles, Judge says does not change the substance. Tells Donald stick to relevant facts, case law in your application for costs. Tells him over and over to show respect to JYS by calling her pro nouns. DFS says he hates pronouns and has rights. Keeps talking, JYS buries head into his hand
  • 2:41 PM – Miriam comes back into court sits down JYS asks Sheriff for water, they give her a bottle as DFS is talking. Donald tells about his 39 days in jail and how Kari put up her house for bail.
  • 2:47 PM – Miriam tries passing notes to another sheriff, he says no. DFS keeps talking. Judge tells DFS costs are only awarded for court stuff, not everything under the sun referring to his $35 000 he wants.
  • 3:10 PM – Break. JYS and Miriam get into argument in hallway, speaking in Hebrew. Miriam goes to bathroom, JYS follows, swears at her in English, says she should go home, no need to cause scene. Five Sheriffs outside court this point
  • 3:30 PM – Court back in Session. JYS presents his case. All babble, Judge not impressed asks several times for something relevant to costs application. JYS keeps talking about DFS conditions, Miriam says or does something, Sheriff tells her to watch the front of the court. Judge looks at JYS not impressed with his babble. JYS say no need for DFS to order transcripts. JYS says Kari Simpson from 1997 article was the most dangerous woman in BC. Asks the Judge why he keeps letting her talk to the court, Miriam says she wants to talk, Judge says “no need”. Judge said he asked Kari to talk to help the court and speed up the process. Says normal cost hearing is 15- 20 mins long, this is over an hour and half. Asks JYS for something relevant.  JYS Brings up hate he gets form Rebel, DFS, Kari, MeowMix, JCCF, etc. Says he filed HRT complaint against DFS and Kari. JYS says this is a waste of his time and he has work to do. JYS waiting for Rebel Media to serve lawsuit for $3 million.  JYS quotes small claim rules 20 subsection 2, costs not payable when case withdrawn. Judge says thank you. Judge starts his legal analysis:
  • Costs are payable only for court stuff:
    • Filing fee
    • Transcript
    • Registrar mailed etc.
    • Total for this is $349.97 rounds up $350.00
    • Kari says there is $64 more bucks for some mail.
  • Judge Says nope its decided. $350.00 because of the receipts.
  • Orders the parties to leave separately, JYS first then Donald to avoid the usual drama he knows that happens.
  • When walking back to the parking lot six sheriffs are talking by main doors saying DFS won.

Video of JY leaving the scene. Note the aggressive driving, running a stop sign, and illegally passing a vehicle waiting to turn ahead of him.

Notes 2:

Jessica Yaniv Simpson arrived at the hearing – an genuine court hearing in front of a senior Judge – wearing black stretchy leggings, sparkly gold flip flops, and a black hoodie. His hair was a greasy mess. Miriam was under constant watch by Sheriffs, as were JY and DFS. Miriam and JY were often arguing. At one point JY was yelling at her loudly in the bathroom.

Notes 3: More notes are coming soon, including more details from in the courtroom.

The Aftermath

Apparently JY was feeling witty afterwards. Perhaps he was even drunk! He spent most of that evening silent, except for a horribly failed dig at Kari Simpson.

JY referenced this article in Court, attempting to garner the Courts favour. The Judge completely ignored him.

What’s funny is that this is an article praising Kari Simpson. The BC Report was a right wing magazine published by the same company the Alberta Report and the Western Report magazines. When these magazines came to an end, the Western Standard was created as their spiritual successor by Ezra Levant – owner of Rebel Media. This article in this magazine was referring to Kari’s ability to rally people behind right wing causes and stand up against the left wing BC government.

Just to say that all a different way, Jessica Yaniv Simpson tried to throw Kari under the bus by using material that he didn’t know was written by the predecessors of a company he is suing that actually praised the woman he was trying to drive said bus over.

Twitter, of course, made sure to let him know how much he failed. Swing and a miss, Jonny.

Twitter, of course, made sure to let him know how much he failed. Swing and a miss, Jonny.

I guess he needed a little pick-me-up after that because June 8 was much brighter. It started with him getting this tacky dye job done (instead of the die job we all wish for). I know it’s Pride month, but come on. This is hideous. You guys know the quote…lipstick on a pig.

First, JY is correct that the Judge only gave DFS 1% of what he was asking for. In that light, the win is diminished. But in reality, DFS won 100% of what he should have one. Here’s what I mean…

JY’s application was for $35,000 and it was completely unsupported with any actual damages. That number just happens to be the max for BC small claims court. When DFS applied for costs, he applied for the same thing JY applied for, plus a bit extra for legitimate expenses like courier fees, etc.

In reality – and in BC small claims court – you don’t win extra amounts for damages when things don’t go to trial like this. DFS was entitled to only his actual expenses that he had receipts for. Since he had no lawyer, and no support for $35,000 worth of expenses, the Judge granted him every penny that DFS could produce receipts for, which worked out to a few pennies shy of $350. The judge rounded up.

And here’s the kicker – the Judge could have awarded DFS nothing. Small claims court rules – and case law – preclude costs from being awarded when a case is withdrawn before it goes to trial, which this was. JY even quoted this court rule. The Judge used his discretion and still awarded DFS money, even though there was clear precedent suggesting he did not need to.

Still sound like a win for JY?

Now, about that hair. It’s ironic that the former owner of a pea-sized-cock now has hair that looks like peacock cum, but here we are. And I’m not saying he edited the picture to trim his face down, but….

Those are interesting artifacts from editing, and we know JY’s history of filtering 50 lbs off his face.

Next, why throw in the part about getting a Brazilian? Who cares Jon? Go get it. Find a person willing to take your money and get your junk waxed. The only person who thinks that’s funny is you – a genital-obsessed-wart on society. Valtrex couldn’t cure your stupidity.

He also announced this.

Some people took this literally and wonder if JY is saying he had COVID and beat it. I think JY is stupid and meant that he beat COVID by getting his second vax shot but he phrased it poorly. Beating COVID isn’t the same as preventing it. Kind of like beating Jon isn’t the same as preventing him from being born. One is great, the other is perfect.

One MeowMix reader also posed an interesting question to me about this photo. Why is Miriam wearing sunglasses indoors? This was June 8. On June 7, Yaniv was overheard shouting at her in the courthouse and swearing at her. Is there a chance she’s concealing a black eye? Again, speculation. We know Jon would never beat his mom. Right??

As the night progressed, people joined in mocking JY and his loss, his hair, and his photos. This must have got to him because he ended the night with another zinger.

Good luck Jon. In the meantime, we’ll be over here on Rainbow Road, along with these friends of yours.

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