Could Jessica Yaniv really “write the bar exam” in the near future?

A laughable moment on twitter occurred recently by our least favourite washed-up technology influencer Jessica Yaniv aka @trustednerd. Likely wound up with new victim allegations, the January 13, 2019 pending weapons charges and missing the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Yaniv is looking for any-and-all ways to satisfy her narcissistic ego.

As someone currently initiating suing Jessica Yaniv myself at the BC Human Rights Tribunal under s.43 for retaliation and reprisal in my efforts exposing her misdeeds during the waxing hearings, I have to tread lightly writing this article.

As cited by Yaniv on Twitter on January 4, 2020.

Yaniv is undoubtedly facing increasing public pressure to extinguish more and more allegations by hollering empty threats to sue everyone under the face of the sun. As seen last night, she took a respite from her combative tone to sternly warn her critics that she has been “study[ing] law on her own” and “[will be] doing [the] bar exam in the near future.”

I want to apologize in advance for the amount of inferred snorts on my attempts to refrain on a combusting with inappropriately loud and hysteric laughter before the end of the article.

For anyone who seeks to become a lawyer, just to make it toward the touch line at the bar exam is a tedious and momentous years-long-effort requiring an undergraduate degree (in good standing), entrance exams, more exams, legal internship and busting your ass to pay the bills given the rising costs of going through law school, as scholarships are far and between– don’t forget the hole burned in your pocket from the overdoses of caffeine to study each night to maximize every second of time possible!

Don’t forget there’s the licensing stage thereafter, which we’ve seen another vexatious litigant, Mokua Gichuru, who the BCHRT has finally imposed a $10,000 for improper costs and now must apply for leave before making any more BCHRT complaints, as ruled recently from last year’s Gichuru v. Vancouver Swing Society Hearings on January 30, January 31 and February 1, 2019. I am more than certain Gichuru and Yaniv would be BFFs on paper– coming onto the grand stage and suing everyone for discrimination, defamation and so forth- akin to the likes of a heel tandem WWE Tag Team Champions that get the audience to boo– granted, this would be all possible if it wasn’t for Yaniv’s chronic racism, of course!

Check out the above complaint where Gichuru’s list of vexatious complaints over the years- the guy sued at the BCHRT and carried on a battle amounting to losses when he won after the BC Law Society refused to license him. Best outcome I can foresee here is Yaniv would never be licensed by a Law Society, in Canada at least, especially if these alleged child exploitation charges materialize with law enforcement. But let’s assume that they don’t and go through this exercise here today!

After reviewing the Law Society of Canada’s requirements for a lawyer, we shall determine whether we will burst Yaniv’s bubble today or not on the dream of becoming a lawyer. The Law Society has a number of standardized requirements for all 14 provincial and territorial law governing bodies, as I have summarized from

Undergraduate Degree

As government organizations only recognize specific accredited institutions that must satisfy rigorous quality and regulatory standards, such as the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training, in Yaniv’s case, would need to meet the test.

Yaniv did attend Kwantlen College (now Kwantlen University) and received a two-year Associate’s Degree over three years graduating in 2008. Although Kwantlen University could potentially contend, but not without further research, we can rule out that Yaniv only has a two-year, but not four-year degree.

For Yaniv, it would likely require upgrading and getting those lower-to-mid grade standings from College in order to barely make the transfer requirements on the curve to get into the University of British Columbia (UBC) or Simon Fraser University (SFU) to continue the journey. I have may doubts Yaniv would be able to competently maintain the voyage through post-secondary given the number of fanatics we’ve seen in the last few years. Let’s not forget about that Internet PhD in Social Activism from a nobody institution that has barely tweeted since nabbing Yaniv’s $750 USD– that’s a pair of crayola scissors that can barely cut the butter, folks.

But I have laid it out, which assuming Yaniv could finish the Post-Secondary voyage with the GPA high requirements required for entrance into a prestigious- or even a mediocre law school in Canada or the U.S.- we are estimating at least 3.5 years, assuming Yaniv could do it starting September 2020. If Yaniv did late enrolment now at Kwantlen University or Douglas College on the essential first and second year courses for University Transfer, we could maybe see results in three years? That’s not necessarily the “near future” and requires Yaniv to be on best behaviour, stop lurking the internet for new and existing victims alike and stop with all the vexatious lawsuits.

LSAT Exams

Yaniv would have to then meet the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before being accepted into a Canadian law school (LSAC-member accredited). Although I am certain Yaniv would get the appropriate accommodations such as time-and-a-half or double-time on exams to support her alleged neurological disabilities that Yaniv doesn’t discuss publicly to the specific diagnosis, but nonetheless maintains exists, which we fully support given everyone with a disability deserves to be accommodated. However, Yaniv must competently demonstrate Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning to get the satisfactory LSAT score for an admission placement.

After taking a quick break to laugh it out in the other room before finishing this article, we can assume the LSAT exam affair is a Herculean task requiring unfathomable probabilities. Folks, you have better odds playing the lottery– don’t forget $70 Million CAD up for grabs in the Lotto Max this coming Tuesday!

Law School and Bar Exams

Then again, even if Yaniv passed the LSAT, there are 24 law schools in Canada with two traditions of English common law for most of Canada- and French civil law in Quebec. Then again, I won’t go too much into this since Yaniv has a lot going on to get to the LSAT stage.

Even if Yaniv can manage law school and law internships successfully, this will require maintaining relationships, as well as treating everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of sex, gender identity, race, disability and other protected classes.

What needs to happen?

But given law school is expensive, I highly recommend Yaniv pay down all debts now, such as the $6,000 judgement owed to the women for improper conduct in the waxing cases that Yaniv says they refuse to pay. If Yaniv wants to save themselves the embarrassment and time-consuming court and Tribunal proceedings, likely amounting to more invaluable losses of time and money with the other frivolous and vexatious lawsuits pending, Yaniv could get optimistically psyched and started sooner-than-later.

I also denote that even if Yaniv gets anything from the manufacturer of the Physio Table incident from late June 2019 (filed September 04, 2019) where we saw the electric scooter charade emerge thereafter, I don’t think it will still be enough given the cost of post-secondary.

But if Yaniv does qualify for eligible disability grants and bursaries for the remainder of post-secondary, including any government-funded assistive technology, it’s still a long road to the end game of the bar exam. I personally wish Yaniv luck by reaching this milestone shy of her 40th birthday by my best estimates.

Where else could Yaniv go besides the Canadian route?

In reviewing where Yaniv could become a lawyer, we did learn that four states today allow “aspiring lawyers” to become lawyers- Washington, California, Virginia and Vermont. In the US, Yaniv could go for the very lowly-costly apprenticeship route, but as the hurdle to wow the overseeing law bodies such as the American Bar Association as a stellar legal prodigy would not be in Yaniv’s case given the farce and charade we’ve seen at the BC Human Rights Tribunal this past summer and the inappropriate public outbursts in the current litigation with Donald Smith and Christian activist Bill Whatcott.

So hopefully those weapons and child exploitation charges don’t materialize because the only route Yaniv has would be possibly here contingent no criminal record, as the road to a pardon (even more difficult for a child predator) is very tedious.

So could Yaniv be a lawyer in the near future? If we consider “near” in the specter of “short-term” or “twelve months or less”- the answer is on the basis of probability: hell no. For now, it appears Yaniv will have to hire a lawyer from the LegalShield subscription services or continue the unlikelihood of success of being self-represented in the numerous upcoming vexatious litigation cases before her!

Depiction of Lady Justice- well the fat Lady Justice that’s appropriate here.

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