JY’s Cops for Cancer Scam

Grab your unwaxed stress balls folks and let’s take a look at Yaniv’s attempt to profit off the Cops for Cancer campaign.

In 2019, Yaniv entered the Miss BC competition and claimed to want to raise funds for Cops for Cancer in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Yaniv told a sob story about losing their father, grandparents, and many friends to cancer. Yaniv wrote their own campaign bio, describing themselves as a change maker and a significant human rights supporter.

If you’ve watched any of Yaniv’s interviews or videos, you can almost hear that deep voice in your head and Yaniv starts the next paragraph with a commonly used Yanivism….”Here’s the thing, society needs to move forward”.

Yaniv’s bio goes on to describe his accomplishments. Yes, accomplishments. Not goals or efforts. Yaniv said “here’s a small list of what I have done”:

Apparently Yaniv has already abolished gender based pricing and saved many young girls lives. What a hero. Ya right. It sort of makes me wonder why Yaniv is still complaining about gender based pricing if it’s already been abolished.

Now, it isn’t such a bad thing that Yaniv went this far. An embellished bio and a grand goal aren’t really that big of a deal. Brace yourself though – here comes the plot twist!

To raise money, Yaniv started three separate campaigns, including a GoFundMe, a direct link to their private PayPal, and a direct link to a fundraiser. There was also a direct link on on the Miss BC page, and it’s impossible to know where that went now.

Yaniv’s declared goal was to raise $5,000 for Cops for Cancer, all it was ALL for Cops for Cancer.

People are pretty good at sniffing out scams these days, and they were all over this.

It soon came out that Yaniv was only donating the first $500 to Cops for Cancer, and the remaining portion would be used for makeup, hair, and so on. There are also screenshots showing Yaniv used fundraising money to purchase a gown and fund the infamous purple dress photo shoot.

After digging deeper into the donations, it was found that Yaniv personally raised $115. What Yaniv didn’t know was that the donors name are visible:

Yaniv had 2 donors, and a total of $115 raised. I can’t see how much each donation was, but I would guess that one was $100 and one was $15. I’d bet at least $15 that Yaniv donated $100 to their own campaign to boost numbers.

Yaniv went on to make other tweets, playing a shell game with donations, claiming that if you donate over here, the money goes there, and if you donate there, the money goes over here, and so on. It’s such a mess that it becomes hard to figure out which dollars go to Cops for Cancer and which dollars go for Nachos for Numptys.

Of course, as soon as people started figuring this out, accusations flew. Yaniv, in typical Yaniv fashion, threatened to sue anyone that accused them of theft.

Is it theft? Is raising money to three separate fundraiser campaigns, each labeled “Cops for Cancer” theft? Is it theft when you can’t tell where the funds go for ALL of them, and some of them are directly into Yanivs personal PayPal account?

Is it theft when Yaniv declares the whole $5,000 goes to Cops for Cancer and later says only the first $500 does?

What about when Yaniv approaches local town council and asks taxpayers to donate $10,000 to support their sob story?

Are you at all surprised that Yaniv mentioned Amanda Todd here? It’s one more time Yaniv tried to leverage suicide and the sanctity of a young girl for their own personal gain.

The twists and turns in this story can be hard to follow so I’ll sum up…

  • Yaniv entered the Miss BC pageant to “raise money for Cops for Cancer”.
  • Yaniv’s fundraising efforts included asking the Township of Langley for a $10,000 donation “to help kids”, and at least three separate online fundraiser links that go to three different places.
  • Yaniv initially stated they were raising $5,000, and it was entirely for Cops for Cancer.
  • Yaniv then claimed only the first $500 was for Cops for Cancer, and claimed that was what they were saying all along.
  • Yaniv wrote a pity story leveraging Amanda Todd as a tool for profit.
  • If you think any of this paints Yaniv as a thief, you’re going to be sued.

To quote Jessica Yaniv…“here’s the thing….society needs to move forward”.

We just don’t want Jessica Yaniv in it.