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College Wannabe Jessica Yaniv Simpson Trolls With Gun Post – Serious or Not?

Six-time (alleged) criminal Jessica Yaniv Simpson tweeted late Sept 29, 2021 about obtaining a handgun. This comes days after threats to destroy the lives of anyone on campus that crosses JY’s path, and after a long series of threats and criminal behaviour. The real question is…is JY a threat or a joke?

OCTOBER 1, 2021 UPDATE: Sometime in the last +/-24 hours, JY deleted the tweet shown below. It makes you wonder why…Did his lawyer tell him to? Twitter? Did UFV ask some questions?

Also worth updating, on Sept 30, after people pointed out to him that he will be unlikely to get a gun for more than a year, Jonny shows his lack off his complete lack of knowledge (again) by trying to brag this his weapons offenses were “completely gone”. While it is true that they were conditionally discharged and no longer appear on CSO, they will show up on CPIC records – and background checks – for a total of three years since the date of conviction, so until Sept 2023. You can find more information here.

I guess JY realized how stupid these tweets were. Maybe that’s why they’ve been deleted.

Backing up…

It’s important to note that JY has had six criminal charges against them, several of which would be amplified by a gun.

  • assault
  • uttering death threats
  • possession of illegal weapons (x2)
  • mischief (x2).

If you then factor in that Yaniv has made numerous death threats against people online and in person, and that Miriam Yaniv has joined in on this, one could start to worry.

Is now a good time to mention that Yaniv’s aunt and mother are also facing criminal charges for uttering threats and assaulting a police officer? It’s not like this family has any respect for law, society, or decency. The only thing that matters to them is themselves.

jessica yaniv simpson

The MeowMix team debated this story for some time and ultimately we don’t all agree on how to write this post. Here’s our two lines of thought.

First, this needs to be taken seriously. Here you have a person facing several criminal charges, with a history of obtaining weapons illegally, making death threats, physically assaulting at least two people, and a documented history of gun obsession. Now they’re saying they can’t wait to obtain one, just days after saying they would ruin the lives of people on a university campus.

Given JY’s obsession with guns, his unrelenting desire for revenge, his overwhelming need to be viewed as powerful, and his childish impulsiveness, we should all be concerned about this. From the chat logs with Sara and Arianna, we have seen that JY has a deep need to feel like he’s respected, and when things went south, he resorted to talking about guns. When Sara upset him, he said he could get a gun, as if that would make her suddenly respect him.

The other train of thought is that here you have a complete chicken shit that wants to look tough, piss people off, and get attention. Their history, shady as it sounds, is also wrapped in cowardice. Yaniv owned two tasers and the bravest he could be was to pull it out on a livestream with Blaire White as a prop to look like a victim.

His “assault” on Bexte was swinging his arm like a fat airplane propeller, and his “assault” on Menzies was because Menzies literally baited him to do it – and succeeded. He threatened to kill Chris Elston, but when Elston presented himself JY sat in his condo parking lot and called 911 from the shadows. When face to face with Chris in his car, JY could barely string together two words. He mumbled about Chris making bomb threats and threatened him before speeding off and stopping for a green light. He was panicked. What did Chris do? Literally stood there silently. Wearing a sign.

Realistically, obtaining a pistol in Canada isn’t that easy either. JY could probably pass the exams and, even if he could get a license, which is questionable, could he afford a pistol? And then, he has to meet all the storage and transportation requirements in Canada. Remember – it is illegal to open or concealed carry in Canada for virtually everyone other than LEOs. If Yaniv was caught ANYWHERE in public with the gun on him it would be an offense unless it’s sealed in a case and he’s en route to a range.

There you have the two opinions on this matter. On one hand, you should be concerned. We don’t want people like JY running around with a weapon. He’s mentally unstable, deranged, and has a track record of wanting to hurt people. He’s literally made multiple statements that he wants to kill people – and has been charged for them. Here’s several screenshots to support this angle.

On the other hand, it’s fucking JY. There’s a 50/50 chance this dumbass would accidentally shoot himself on the first day of gun ownership, if he could ever get to that stage at all. Not to mention the fact that JY is a coward…The bravest thing he could ever muster with a weapon was to spray bear spray at a mirror in a public bathroom. This is about power to him. He wants people to fear him and be afraid. He wants his fellow students to fear him on campus and think that he’s a force to be reckoned with. I don’t think he is. He thinks guns are cool and owning one would make him powerful and everyone would fall in line around him.

What do you think? Check out more screenshots of Yaniv’s gun obsession in the Crime folder on MeowTube and leave a comment below telling us which side of the matter you land on. Is this a serious incident waiting to happen, or tough talk from an empty sack?