Classmates and Colleagues Speak Up About JY

Several months ago, someone left a comment on Facebook describing their experience with JY in school.

This person, who we’ll call Ron, attended Jessie Lee school with JY in grades 4-6. JY was known as a special needs student. He was uncontrollable, often disrupting the entire class while he danced on desks with the class trophy.

As one might expect, Ron couldn’t remember many details from his time 20 years ago with JY, but he remember he had a teachers aide assigned to him, at least on a part time basis. JY spent much of his time in a special needs room run by Mrs. K, and to Ron and his classmates, JY being insane was just part of their everyday life.

He would often grab random objects, jump on desks, shout out for no reason, and parade up and down the classroom randomly. He stroked his own neck and told other guys they looked cool. Everyone knew he was a little bit “off”.

That same attention seeking behaviour continues to this day. Ron recently spotted JY at a local Freshco store, causing some kind of issue with the management.

In more recent years, a colleague we’ll call Danielle crossed paths with Yaniv, perhaps even calling herself friends with him. This person met JY through a networking experience. At first, JY seemed weird, but just “nerd-weird”. She didn’t know any of the other stories.

JY begged Danielle to work on her site but she wouldn’t let him. She had a gut instinct telling her to say no and she did.

She also crossed paths with JY at various holiday events that JY attended wearing heavy makeup and wigs, well before announcing he was trans. It was common for JY to dress in drag and attend parties.

According to Danielle , when one of JY’s IT clients stopped using JY, Miriam confronted them angrily. She screamed, threw a fit, and cried aloud. Miriam said, “You can’t fire him.” and so on. It went so poorly that the client warned her not to return or he’d call the police.

Miriam is apparently the tree that the crazy apple landed so closely to. Her overly protective behaviour and poor judgment is probably what led her to giving JY the downpayment for his condo. According to Danielle, this money came from the proceeds of selling their previous home.

Unbeknownst to Danielle, JY had started filing several legal and HRT claims against people. She stumbled on this information on social media and was immediately able to link it to him. JY bragged that he would be safe because, “I put publication bans on. Nobody will know.” Even Danielle had to stay silent.

When asked what she thinks JY’s motives are for the lawsuits, Danielle echoes what many have said before – it’s all about the money. His business isn’t profitable, and he’s an attention whore. When The Post Millennial and KiwiFarms first exposed JY he lost all of his clients. This was his effort to make a buck.

JY, desperate to stay relevant and feel attention, told Danielle how he was overcome with friend requests on Facebook once he received his blue check mark. Many of these came from other countries and were clearly fake profiles. It’s easy to see from JY’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account that Yaniv is desperate to have a high follower count, even if they’re fake. That high follower count is used to fool gadget manufacturers into giving him free stuff to “review”, like drones, computer stuff, and vibrators.

Speaking of vibrators, Yaniv often bragged to people on Facebook about how he packed his luggage with sex toys. That was his way of avoiding Customs officials checking his luggage. Yaniv believed they would be too embarrassed to look in his luggage if the x-ray showed it was full of sex toys. He called them “testing samples”.

Like everyone else, Danielle eventually figured out Yaniv was full of shit. She caught on that Yaniv can make stuff up on the fly, regardless of the topic. It was so bad that every time she spoke to him she had to stop for a few minutes to figure out if he was lying or not.

According to Danielle, and many others as we’ve seen, Yaniv had a habit of threatening local businesses to give them bad reviews online. We’ve seen Yaniv do this before – it’s his entire business model. Scam a business with a fake review, then swoop in as the hero to get it removed. Yaniv would make these threats until the owners would give in, often receiving free products or services. His past targets have included local business franchises like Tim Hortons and A&W. We’ve seen Yaniv’s racist rants about both of these businesses before, and screenshots are in Meowtube.

This behaviour has, over time, resulted in him being well known and blacklisted in the Langley and Surrey business communities. His past clients have seen his true colours, and word has spread. Perhaps this is why he’s now resorting to things like Vector Marketing/Cutco selling schemes on Twitter and Facebook.

Danielle, now far away and safe from Yaniv’s reach, is just one of many people that Yaniv repelled over time. Whether it be friends, classmates, colleagues, or clients, the one thing Yaniv can claim to be consistently great at is destroying relationships.

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