Certificate of Readiness: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Callis

Short and sweet today! Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed the following certificate of readiness in his lawsuit against Ted Callis. That’s the one where he alleges he was choked by a guy at Miriam’s condo. The COR document is supposed to include records to support his claim.

These documents do the opposite, if anything. They basically say “Simpson claims he was choked but there is no physical evidence to support that claim. No markings, no bruises, no redness to support JYs claim of being choked with two hands.”

There are two reports here. First, from the attending paramedics, and second, from a clinic three days later.

Note that these are public records, available as part of his court file, accessible to anyone and everyone MeowMix is not leaking information. MeowMix is publishing information Jessica Yaniv released to the public.

I’ll leave the analysis to the comments section. There’s a fair bit of revealing info here though, and none of it supports Jon’s claim at all. In my opinion, these two documents are completely worthless and the only thing they do is prove Jonny complained.