Carlee Speaks Up!

Several months ago, when Madison spoke up against the manipulation and grooming efforts she endured at the hands of Jessica Yaniv Simpson, she included screenshots of a letter written to JY by a woman named Carlee.

When Yaniv shared the letter with Madison, he told her, “I spent three days with a girl I thought I opened up to but then she totally manipulated me and threw me under the bus. I was going to hire her to my company too and I got all the logistics printed but then she totally screwed me over.”

He goes on, “I took her to a conference with me. We shared a room at a hotel for three nights, everything went really well, but she treated me like a little baby. Then she sent me this nasty email.” He shared the letter with Madison.

Madison consoled Yaniv, but told him it was well written and thought out. She encouraged him to reflect on what it said and consider talking to Carlee. Yaniv ignored the message in the letter and all he could say to Carlee was how much it hurt him. He completely ignored Carlee’s feelings.

This letter – which was emailed to Yaniv – is below. It’s a fine example of how a mature and emotionally stable person responds to a tough situation while still making every point needed. The contrast between this and Yaniv’s typical responses to people are glaringly obvious.

Carlee first met Yaniv at Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC in 2015. Yaniv immediately glued himself to her side and she couldn’t shake him. At first, she felt bad for him – he seemed like a harmless, socially awkward person looking for a friend. She was open to him, even giving him her phone number as a friend. She said it was her biggest mistake.

After the Social Media Camp, Yaniv annoyed her, constantly trying to phone her, FaceTime, text her, and, disturbingly, sending her sexual innuendo videos in an Elmo voice. She told him to knock it off.

Some time later, Carlee attended The Social Media Mastery Conference, a Ricky Shetty event, with Yaniv. For financial reasons, they split a hotel room with two beds. The event was in Vancouver, just 45 kms from JY’s home. It makes you wonder what Yaniv’s true intentions were – why insist on sharing a hotel room with a woman when you live a half-hour drive away from the venue? Carlee’s home was a little further – an hour south of the Canadian border, so it’s possible this was simply a convenience and not a perversion on his part.

In the days leading up to the conference Yaniv was a thorn in Carlee’s side. He bothered her constantly on the phone. He told her had a skin condition and wanted to start wearing makeup. She told him to go Sephora or another store for expert help but it wasn’t enough. He kept asking for her assistance and she kept declining. He was relentless.

jessica yaniv simpson message to carlee

This was the start of her nightmare.

Before the conference, Yaniv spent considerable time talking about the various people who would be at the conference – the speakers and attendees that were known in the tech conference circuit. He talked shit about them and had Carlee convinced they were awful people.

When they arrived at the hotel, the pushiness continued. Yaniv hounded Carlee to do his makeup each day before the conference – only concealer, nothing more. To make it even more awkward, Yaniv printed business cards with for his business JY Knows It with Carlee’s name on them. He had even created a business email for her. Carlee was offended – JY hadn’t discussed this or asked her, and he knew how busy she was with her own life. He didn’t offer her any pay or perks and she felt like she was expected to be his employee.

JY role at the conference was to provide a live feed so that people at home could watch the events – paid viewers. There were some issues with the hotel internet and Yaniv, again unsurprisingly, went after the hotel for it. He sent them harassing emails and demanded refunds. He left their hotel poor reviews. The hotel responded with the email below. You can tell Yaniv was trying to scam the hotel.

As the conference went on, Carlee started to meet the various people Yaniv had warned her about. To her surprise, they were all wonderful people and Carlee enjoyed meeting them. This was another red flag in her mind about Yaniv.

Still, Yaniv continued to talk shit about people. He would speak loudly and made crude comments that others could overhear. He had no filter, and he was rude to everyone they came in contact with. He had no filter whatsoever and people started to avoid him.

In her own words, he was a nightmare of a human and pissed off everybody at the conference, but of course he couldn’t see it.

After the conference, Carlee had lunch with JY and his mother Miriam and aunt Ilana. Carlee said Miriam was very nice to her, so it was shocking for her to find out just how crazy Miriam was later. Ilana was 100% deaf and could only use sign language. Between hand gestures, lip reading, and translating for each other, the group was able to have a surprisingly pleasant lunch.

It was when only once she arrived home that Carlee had time to digest what had happened this weekend. This led her to write Yaniv the letter, ending their friendship and offering him compassionate support so he could try to make some needed changes.

Yaniv responded with these messages. (make sure you scroll sideways to see all of the images – there are several galleries like this in this article)

Yaniv pulled out the usual cards, saying Carlee was wrong, and that everybody liked him, and even played the dead dad card to make her feel bad.

A few days later he reached out again. He clearly can’t take a hint.

Eventually, they started to chat about tech and social media some more. After a few months, Yaniv returned to his ways, inserting his fantasies and perversions into her life. In many ways Yaniv is the intruder that breaks into your home but he doesn’t take your things – he just leaves you bad memories and that feeling that you need to shower.

Carlee didn’t respond. Yaniv knew she was dealing with her own personal matters and was stressed out at the time. She didn’t have the energy or desire to deal with his issues.

Not unlike a bad rash, he kept coming back. He asked Carlee for favours all the time, and this is the stuff we’ve seen time and time again from Yaniv – false, manipulative reviews, weaponizing friends, using friends, and so on.

(make sure you scroll sideways to see all of the images)

He suddenly brought up an ” escort girlfriend”. I’ve heard other instances of Yaniv claiming to have dated an escort but I’m skeptical. He’s said her name is Tawnya.

Yaniv went on with more of his usual antics. This story reminds me a lot of Yaniv’s claims to have influenced the demotion/transfer of the Langley police chief lately. Taking a completely unrelated incident and twisting it to seem as though he is in any way an influential badass, which is laughable.

A few days later, Yaniv was back at it with his stories about his escort girlfriend.

Let’s be realistic, since obviously that is a foreign concept to Yaniv. Tawnya has been/is an escort, so she is obviously not shy, yet after 27 days of being in a relationship they have not yet “hooked up” or “made out”?! Ok, sure I totally believe she was real. Whatever gets you through the night I guess.

The biggest story Carlee shared is this, in my opinion…

Yaniv went on to tell Carlee that his client Mani Vigg owned a restaurant (NY Grill) and he was a peeping tom in the men’s restrooms. Yaniv said he was only comfortable using the women’s washroom. Keep in mind this is years before Yaniv made any claims of being transgender. He still went by Jonathan.




This is, in my opinion, the most important part of the entire story. I’ve already forwarded it to Amy Hamm. Years before Yaniv made any claims about Hamm, or any claim that she took his picture over the stall wall, Yaniv made an IDENTICAL claim about Mani Vigg – exactly the same word for word.

This is the same Mani Vigg that Yaniv told MandaPanda sexually assaulted him.

Funny how the story changes so dramatically. It’s understandable that a sexual assault survivor may block out certain memories or elements of events but it’s pretty unlikely that the entire event would change in every conceivable way.

It’s also extremely telling that Yaniv rehashed the same bathroom camera story for Amy Hamm – over four years prior. Rehearsed? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

The complete chat log is here.

Sound familiar anyone? Yaniv’s references to “tight pussy”, cameras in bathrooms, racism, and taking “dumps”? This is almost five years ago – it hasn’t changed a bit.

Yaniv had bragged to Carlee that he was working for Cimorelli, saying he managed their social media and posted things that made them love him. He claimed he made their social media engagement “go nuts”. You can tell things went south because the conversation changed to this:

More bathroom references? More selfies in the bathroom? Claiming he used Cimorelli? Royalties? So many questions!

Strangely, despite the fact that NY Grill had been sold to new owners (announced on Mar 31, 2016), Yaniv started in with more bathroom stories about the same restaurant. What a coincidence that this owner has the same perversions as the old one. Good thing ol’ Yanny was there to catch him!

The next day…

Yaniv suddenly brought up bathrooms again, and sexual assault – something we know he fantasizes about.

In this message, Yaniv is referring to Ricky Shetty from the conference he attended with Carlee. He claims he dreamt that Ricky assaulted him in the restroom and he hasn’t slept properly in days. He refers to vague rumours about things happening at his clients place (Mani Vigg’s NY Grill restaurant).

The bathroom obsession, something MeowMix has investigated at length before, continued. Notice the reference to the ferry and keep in mind Yaniv’s desire to meet 10-12 year old girls on the ferry to help them with their tampons.

It went on:

I have to say that Carlee has the patience of a Saint. No matter how many times Yaniv came at her with his twisted drivel she was thoughtful and kind in her replies. Some time later, Carlee was attending a conference that Yaniv was also attending. She tried to head him off early. Yaniv clearly didn’t get the message.

Apparently her commitment to hang out after the conference translated into “lets go for dinner” a few hours later – at 12:36 am.

The next day, Yaniv’s bathroom antics returned.

More comments about ferry bathrooms and cameras in Mani Vigg’s restaurant.


First, this is an important time to look at something that happened yesterday, Nov 24, 2020. Yaniv tweeted out to Toledo, OH police that a friend of his needed their emergency help. He even included her name and address in the tweet.

A friend of MeowMix contacted Destiny. She is going through personal struggles and Yaniv offered to help her by calling her local police. She was unaware that Yaniv tweeted her name and address out to the masses. She told Yaniv she wasn’t suicidal in any way.

He has a well documented history of doing this. He phoned the police to get Nikki and her boyfriend in trouble, saying her boyfriend abused her. He made similar fake police complaints about other friends, including the young woman that inspired him to start faking seizures. He once phoned the police when she wasn’t feeling well physically. Yaniv told police she was suicidal so they would rush her to hospital. Yaniv knew her mom was planning to take her shortly. It wasn’t an emergency.

Carlee moved to Hawaii at one point and, by her own admission, things didn’t go as well as planned. She worked through her stress and a panic attack by talking to her family members. She mentioned this to Yaniv. Yaniv demanded to know which hotel she was staying at. She told him and he phoned local police, making up a story that she was suicidal (she wasn’t).

The police took Carlee to the hospital against her wishes and she was left with a $3,500 hospital bill because of Yaniv.

Yaniv, of course, didn’t bother to pitch in for the bill.

The random, disjointed messages continued. Yaniv would sent her random things, like this:

Now, it’s not fair to say Carlee completely blew him off. She made efforts to be friendly, and they talked about tech stuff and blogging from time to time. She even asked him to help fix her laptop via remote support once, which he immediately abused. Once he had control her laptop he brought up a live feed from a porn site of people having sex. Carlee went off on him.

In Nov 2016, Yaniv returned with more bathroom stories.

Over time, Carlee was able to shake Yaniv. She would leave his messages on read, or completely unread, and he’s since left her alone.

I think everyone is starting to wise up to who he is. Yaniv is no longer able to control his online presence the way he could even two years ago. Every post about him is negative now. Every commenter is negative. He’s well known for who he really is and not who he wants you to think he is.

Carlee Spoke Up. Will You?

In the last year, several women have spoken up on MeowMix – Rachel, Nicole, Bianca, Kayla, Richelle, Lauren, Emily, Riley, Madison, Hanna, Kenzi, Louise, Katie, Lisa, and more. These brave people have exposed Yaniv and stripped him of the power he used to have on social media. Speaking up against predators like Jonathan Yaniv is the first step towards stopping them. We thank Carlee for speaking up and invites others to do the same.

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