Billy Finally Speaks Up (Part 1 of 2)

March 26, 2020

Meow Mix speaks to someone with not just an interesting perspective, but someone who has been in the orbit of the Yaniverse from afar– and they’ve been around here longer than you think! But what he has to say will not only rile up Yaniv, but show you one of the men behind the curtain.

His name is Billy and he grew up in Greater Vancouver for most of his life where he was active in the LGBTQ+ community for about 15 years before leaving in 2018 for other career opportunities. Billy has continued to actively follow the local news in Vancouver, most particularly the media circus and shenanigans around Jessica “Jonathan” Yaniv. Billy began monitoring the story when the story was becoming hot again under a publication ban in June 2019 prior to the July BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) hearings.

Billy, now 36, has always identified as bisexual/pansexual coming out at 17 in 2001, in his senior years in high school. But Billy’s battles were not always primarily struggling with his sexual identity, but struggling for acceptance as he is also high-functioning autistic. In 1995, Billy was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome, which today’s DSM V classifies as high-functioning autism. It is the same neurotypical condition that Greta Thunberg, Dan Aykroyd, Anthony Hopkins and Courtney Love, to name a few, have been diagnosed with. Billy discloses that despite having Asperger’s, he has a high IQ and has always excelled quantitatively, while he has had several struggles qualitatively in a social context at times, but has managed to achieve a lot for himself.

Billy has a lot to say about Yaniv and his role in the Yaniverse saga that might earn him a place in the Friends and Foes gallery. Billy is seen as the “man behind the curtain”, so much that it will take more than one article to cover this story.

Given that Yaniv is facing a lot more legal woes and there are rumours of additional charges Yaniv may be facing in the near future, we feel that Billy’s story needs to be heard. And we all agree that Yaniv should hear it!

Meow Mix: What do you hear from the front lines in the LGBTQ+ community in both Vancouver and where you are from regarding Jessica Yaniv?

I have felt the reverberations of that case from here in Atlantic Canada and folks back at home. At least once or twice a week, a friend or acquaintance in Vancouver has reported a negative experience or has some local gossip on JY. I hear things from social media to JY’s retaliation against local residents by calling their business to get them fired, falsifying emails and harassing the individuals to the point they are scared of JY. Enough is enough.

Living in Greater Vancouver has always been a safe place for me, especially when living off of Davie Street when I lived Downtown Vancouver. Here in the Maritimes, people do not always recognize the name immediately, but are familiar with the case of a trans woman engaging in vexatious lawsuits against racially marginalized women to compel them to wax male genitalia. In my firsthand experience, the public opinion in the LGBTQ+ community is pretty consistent here and back home: JY has a reputation as a public menace and nuisance who continues to perpetually harm the community-at-large far and wide.

The consensus is JY brings out negative stigmas to transgender individuals as “entitled”, “aggressive” and “condescending”, in terms of attitudes. It’s not the case, but this very, very small compromised of individuals like JY and Rachel McKinnon have hurt the LGBTQ+ community with their misogynistic attitudes. I have witnessed that JY has hardly any supporters other than trolls online who relish in it. I have not met one individual in person who would support JY and wonder why they continue to deny receiving mental help with a professional.

Perhaps, more so, the community has suffered a degree to the point of being irrevocably harmed by Yaniv’s actions. JY has instigated a number of unintended consequences and seems to have no regrets of the harm they have caused despite claiming to crusade for equitable rights. It’s like a paradox if you ask me.

You’ve told us that you have a number of encounters with Yaniv. Tell us about your first encounter with them.

I’ll quickly give you some context to the background. At the end of June, there was a lot of media coverage for the upcoming waxing hearings. I always held the opinion that “JY” was a vexatious litigant that needed to be held accountable for such. JY was abusing the BC Human Rights Tribunal and making it into a kangaroo court.

At the end of June, I initially commented on an article by John Carpay of the the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms for blasting Yaniv with male pronouns. I didn’t know much of Yaniv’s history in transitioning or alleged predatory behaviour, as at this point, I just knew them under the initials JY and identified as a pre-op trans womnan. I did not have a full name or face to JY. In any event, I gave kind advice to Mr. Carpay, which seemed well-received, to let the tribunals determine guilt, but to avoid any misgendering in the public eye (at least until the hearings are concluded). Mr. Carpay eventually changed his wording and did not signify JY as either male or female, being neutral.

I didn’t even have anything planned until I started to see more heat online after the first dates of hearings in early July. Eventually I saw the name “Jessica Yaniv” pop up more despite a publication ban, but it was not rocket science to confirm in a Google Search that it was the name under publication ban on “JY” and easily traced to Twitter and Facebook. I’ll say this much, none of the search optimization that I initially recall, had said anything about alleged conduct with minors. This I didn’t know until a little bit later, but JY was seen as an extortionist weaponizing the Tribunal.

One major thing stood up reading about the hearings: JY was self-represented. From researching JY’s Twitter history, they are someone who is easily provoked and triggered, as well as someone who acts maliciously, selfishly and compulsively in the moment. I suspected JY might be susceptible to anyone who will listen to them, so I thought it might be easy to convince JY into making a “high-handed” argument in their case although it would appeal to their aggressive nature.

Meow Mix: What did that ential?

I contacted JY on Facebook Messenger in mid-July as a concerned bystander to trigger them over John Capray (who did his due diligence) and Lindsay Shepherd. I didn’t even know JY had a poor history of public relations as part of a poorly managed business consulting business, but was buying the bait from me thinking I was an ally. JY was wound up over Shepherd at the time and I presented a BCHRT precedent in Wells v. UBC argument that was completely merit less, but was all wordy and such, even with citing “American law” that does not apply here that JY thought it was very helpful.

I apologize to Lindsay and her fans in advance, as but I had to convince JY she looked like Michael Cera from when we were in University together in order to butter them up. I didn’t really have any background with Shepherd asides from being in University together around the same time.

Admittedly, I was giddy that it did not take much to gain Yaniv’s trust with a couple of screenshots feigning support and constructing the legal argument that would be seen as “scrupulous attacks on counsel“. I was more overjoyed seeing that in writing from the Tribunal in the February 2020 deferral.

Did you know that JY was initially demanding $100,000 that was so wildly entertaining, as the highest award ever in BC was $75,000 for a young medical doctor dismissed in his practicum over disability. JY did not even have that fake PhD for at least six or seven weeks from this point on? There was not the amount of damages to justify an award for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect. It was entertaining to hear over a day or so, JY went in and demanded fivefold at $500,000. It was pretty flagrant and exemplified what an idiot JY is and has no comprehension of the ethics, professionalism and the rules of engagement within an adversarial system.

Cited from the generic letter provided to Bill Whatcott, which was also provided to the JCCF.

Meow Mix: You have experience with the BC Human Rights Tribunal, as we understand, is that correct?

That is correct. I cannot disclose the details, but I can say that not every case has to end in a monetary settlement. There’s a major organization in BC that recently settled with me for no money, but they overhauled their policies on disability accommodation for services customary available to the public. JY says they’re a trans rights activist– why is everything about cash? I don’t even know how JY was dubbed a trans rights activist when there’s no activism except getting topless teens and waxing their male genitalia as highlights.

Anyways, even in the adversarial system, both sides need to be professional and composed when making arguments. Attacking counsel in a hearing or courtroom is something that JY will now learn they cannot do.

Meow Mix: Did Yaniv say anything incriminating when speaking to them?

JY rambled on about Shepherd’s Twitter suspension and dubbed her as “Meghan Murphy 2.0”. I showed Jessica screenshots from online that there were others glad she was gone. It seemed to keep them reeled in, but I felt that JY felt the received what they wanted for an argument, so selfishly didn’t make much more conversation.

JY did try showing me how they were a victim with the chats with out of the aestheticians. It neither bothered me nor did I perceive it as discrimination, as I knew JY was setting these women up and extorting them. I wanted JY to fall– and to fall hard!

At one point, JY did infer filing a complaint with the Law Society of British Columbia against the counsel of the Respondents. JY did not want to get into too much detail, but said it was done beforehand in January 2019. I have not heard or seen anything publicly, as I am sure it was disregarded like all of JY’s other bullshit claims. This should have been accounted for in the bad faith and improper claim against JY– I wonder if doing this was the reason that the other lawyer dropped them as a client?

Meow Mix: Did JY ever suspect you basically sabotaged them a bit?

JY sabotaged themselves. I just nudged a little to get that pillar on the record. I won’t deny, I messaged JY at some point after the rulings came out to say I could not believe the Tribunal was influenced by public opinion. I was totally keeping my cover for the time being, as I feel I might engage them in the near future.

That’s funny and yet Yaniv has never figured it out. Well at least not until now. You know that the BCHRT made that well known in their statements to defer Yaniv’s new waxing complaints until the $6,000 is paid off?

Yes and I have no regrets helping nudging JY to relish in their own failure. This is someone who hurts women, children and the LGBTQ+ community and needs more consequences to their actions.

I knew Jessica from day one that JY was a vexatious litigant harming these poor women. I still believe JY was given a too lenient penalty by the Tribunal, as their conduct was worthy of a $15,000 to $25,000 penalty in costs for manufacturing these complaints in bad faith!

But I’ll accept a little credit for blindsiding and deceiving Jessica Yaniv “as an ally”- a trojan horse. I am a member of the LGBTQ+ and we all for the most part despise JY. Many will say to respect JY’s self-identity pronouns, but given lie after lie after lie, so much so that I am convinced JY has told more than Donald Trump! Seriously! How can anyone trust that this real? I think there is some balance struck here by those who misgender. When has JY told the truth and accepted ownership for their actions? It is one of those unintended consequences. I support my transgender friends, but there a few that do not give JY their preferred pronouns. That is the situation we face.

But you told us this was not the only thing you’ve ever done. Tell us again about the Blaire White livestream on August 5, 2019.

That’s correct. The next thing I did was after watching the Blaire White live stream on August 5th, I was stunned at 59:32. I knew that was a prohibitive weapon in Canada knowing someone else charged for that years ago. After a few minutes, I called Langley RCMP Non-Emergency. It was about 15:12 PM Pacific Time, which for me was 19:12 Atlantic Time. I was supposedly the first caller to report Jessica for the taser debacle after watching the Blaire White debate. It was hilarious to watch what a moron Jessica Yaniv really is and it was hard evidence.

Oh god, watching JY on that livestream make numerous phone calls to themselves for attention and having to parade around hormones and illegal weapons– it’s so infantile!

Anyways, back to the topic. When I was on the call with Langley RCMP non-emergency, the operator told me eventually there were more calls were starting to come in after-the-fact about the weapons. It was a lengthy call and I provided the URL and I offered a downloaded copy, if needed for hard evidence.

Verified from Billy’s phone records.

A Langley RCMP officer, I believe Constable Reminrind, or something like that, reached out to me thereafter regarding a statement too. I took great satisfaction reading up in the following days on the whole debacle hearing that the police arrested her and then raided the residence. @Langleyresident‘s observations from other residents at the condo was correct: it was some guy from New Brunswick.  It confirmed I was the first caller, although the RCMP got the province wrong, but I guess it was close enough geographically.  I will take some of credit where it is due!

A tweet from @LangleyResident on August 6, 2019.

JY needed this kick in the ass. I recall earlier seeing repeated online threats JY was making inferred threats online such as “you don’t want to be on the other end of what I have” is what I believe was eluding to the tasers and/or other illegal weapons. There was no way it should fly as a “I am transgender and I need protection.” I’ve not heard a single other person who is transgender allege all these violent encounters. We’re dealing with a sociopath who rattles the cages and needs the attention as a helpless victim, whether in a scooter, walker or a cane.

But I don’t come here to boast. I come to show that I am a concerned citizen that came forward. I also tricked Yaniv with the BCHRT. I did not do it with malicious intent, but to show JY a reality: when you want to act in such a way contrary to social contract (being a douche bag for starters), these are real world consequences. It’s empirical knowledge that JY has no real friends having already alienated or destroyed the relationships with the ones they previously had.

Let’s fast forward a bit, as we’ll return to some other developments in our next article. So tell us, for the record, who you stumbled upon and brought over to Meow Mix for us.

I initially spoke with JY’s former friend Katie online. She was a very sweet girl that really seemed to want to share what she learned and get out of thix toxic relationship. I can say she respected JY’s preferred pronouns and tried to be a supportive friend. But any friendship with JY is toxic. I recall that Katie initially tried getting in contact with Anna Slatz at the Post Millennial, to no avail. Eventually she got in contact with Jess Rumpel for her side of the story.

But when Katie first approached me, she thought I was possibly @LangleyResident and I was leery believing it could have been one of JY’s sock accounts. Anyways, after developing some trust, I learned about the falling out with JY, such as emotionally blackmailing her. She was very credible and I felt very sorry that she ever got caught up with JY. One of the most concerning was knowing JY was targeting a disabled man with autism relentlessly. Anyways, I had connected her with Meow Mix and I am glad her story was told. JY is bad news bears!

Meow Mix: Speaking of threats, we understand there are more details to share later, but you did have something new to show us that happened yesterday.

That’s correct. I am a member of the Langley/Walnut Grove crime watch and last week I restarted up my conversation with JY, although we are not Facebook friends. JY once tried to add me as a friend and I cringed what the world would think, even it was for intel.

In fact, the first one I started with was regarding Blaire White last Friday referring to JY as a “fat pedophile”. On Monday afternoon, as other members of the Facebook group were unhappy with JY in the group, I leveraged the opportunity to try and chat up Yaniv asking why they call them a pedophile. It seems JY denies the allegations and believes it’s because of their support for topless teen swimming.

When I saw Chris Elston comment in the group, I politely asked JY who he was. That’s when JY uttered a death threat that Chris will end up in a ditch. I was particularly not surprised, but I was not going to not say anything. Fortunately, after contacting Chris Elston and chatting about it, the word got out. I also see JY read all my messages and has blocked me on Facebook Messenger.

Chris Elston is a really nice guy, who cares about his family and his community. If need be, I have I will further provide a statement to RCMP for him regarding JY’s threats. As you know, I am no stranger at calling the cops on JY– or “nacho deliveries”. Anyways, I have a screen recording downloaded to confirm it was indeed from Jessica Yaniv, should Langley or Surrey RCMP require it to lay charges for uttering threats.

Meow Mix: We will cover more soon enough, but what can you give us a summary of your impression of JY and their behaviour?

JY needs to see the slippery slope they’re one, but I don’t think they ever will. I blame the parents, as I suspect they condoned all negative feedback about their child. I suspect that JY allegedly might have ADD or ADHD, as it would be consistent with their behaviour.

Without the right supports and assistance, likely blocked by the parents, this is the sociopathic outcome that society has on their hands. My mom made sure I received the supports I needed because of my autism so could develop and be socially accepted, as well as a contributing member of society. It is unfortunate that JY’s parents were allegedly in denial of their child’s irredeemable path in life. Perhaps would have been a sign of their own shortcomings? I guess that would be for Miriam Yaniv to give her side of the story.

Well, we thank Billy for these things and understand that Yaniv will probably feel deceived, but we will provide another article where Billy will tell us when he met Yaniv in person on a visit in Vancouver. It seems that Yaniv doesn’t recall it. We’ll provide that in about a week’s time with other things to cover in the interim, such as an analysis of Yaniv’s medical records.