Bianca Speaks Up! Meow.

Hey JY…Sorry, not sorry! Today, June 12, is JY’s birthday, and we’re here to make sure everyone knows who this creep is. Once again, Yaniv is lurking dating apps, pretending to be a biologically born woman, and being a straight up creep.

Editors Note: Turns out JY isn’t the only catfish lurking on the HER social app. Bianca was kind enough to share her story with Meow Mix.

Hi, I’m Bianca,

Ok, not really. You can call me Detective Meows. Over the last previous articles here Meow Mix about Jessica Yaniv creeping on teens on the HER app, I decided to see what it was all about. After finding a decent picture on Pinterest, I made a profile on HER, changed my location and went fishing.

I created a profile, describing myself as a young girl looking for a girlfriend or something casual. It didn’t take me long to find Yaniv. Yaniv was still using that infamous catfishing profile like usual.

Note that the app accepts all identities but for some reason, Yaniv puts on their profile as woman, not trans. For someone so proud of their identity, they certainly ditch it quick to fool others.

Also, Jessica calls themselves a “pillow princess”. Look that up if you wanna laugh.

Editor: No swerfs? Sex Worker-Exclusionary Radical Feminists? Yaniv we know you bought a hooker several years ago. Please don’t tell me you’re going to become one yourself.

At first, the conversation was pretty casual. About 15 minutes in I asked Yaniv what they do for a living. Yaniv responds SEO and PPC. It didn’t take long for Yaniv to get creepy. Keep in mind we only talked for less than 30 mins. I nearly dropped my phone in shock. It really reminded me of dudes pulling this kinda stuff. I felt like I was sent the “text equivalent of a dick pic.


*Hurls again*

*Tries to settle stomach but hurls*

Editor: Did JY really just say Search Engine Optimization was like a clitoris? And Pay-per-click is like a vibrator? Has this mongrel ever been near an actual clitoris?

Jessica disappeared after a bit and came back on. I briefly started talking about Yaniv’s favorite topic of choice but JY was suspicious of my actions. I gave him shit for doubting me.

Also remember when Jessica was so hearty about being trans?

Editor: “sexually assaulted while changing my pad”, says JY. No you weren’t. You’re the one with the bathroom stall fetish JY.

But later on, another Angel of the Lord made a profile warning others of Yaniv. I confronted them about it. Suddenly (and awesomely) Jessica’s profile disappeared (for a 3rd time!) But like an Egyptian curse, Jessica came back.

Editor: A trans girl rejecting you? I thought you weren’t trans JY? Also…You can’t reject a catfish, dummy. The catfish was never actually interested in you. Nobody is.

When Jessica came back, I was accused of catfishing. Well, phooey. Doing the Lord’s work (and with possibly limited time) I changed my profile to a hot new profile. I went on a massive ‘swipe right’ spree, making sure I could notify as many girls as possible.


 I was even fortunate enough to chat with a couple of girls who have encountered Jessica Yaniv, describing the creep at LBGTQ events. They thankfully keep an eagle eye on Yaniv, even preventing Yanv from creeping on teenage girls. Good on them.

I guess that’s what you get for catfishing Tianna, and Kayla, and…..I wonder who else we know that you know, dearest JY. You know what they say – what goes around, comes around.

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