BC Ambulance Service Reply to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Lolsuit

On December 19, 2022, Jessica Yaniv Simpson sued the Provincial Health Services Authority o/a BC Emergency Health Services (read: paramedics/ambulance service) alleging a paramedic “sexually assaulted” him, etc. The entire document is an unhinged mess that you can read here.

BCEHS has now replied to Yaniv’s lawsuit with a short and sweet response, and they’ve indicated there is more to come.

You can read the entire document at the link below, but the short and sweet details are that BCEHS has expertly lawyered up and their response is that they were responding to a 911 call about an overdose, they took a patient to the hospital, there was no assault or anything else, and they will file more of a reply later.

In other words, Jonny is playing with the big boys now and it looks like they may be well aware of who he is.

20221219 JY vs PHSA oa BCEHS Ambulance Service Reply
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