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Bal’s Top Ten Yaniv Fails of 2022

Hello readers, fans, and supporters of MeowMix, it’s time for our third annual list of Jessica Yaniv Simpson fails!

As we close out 2022 and look forward to 2023, life for most of us has been returning to somewhat normal and there are brighter days ahead, unless you’re JYS, who after his face and story broke in 2019 on the front page of The Province newspaper, has and will continue to be on downward spiral.

2022, in the life of the Yaniv’s (Jon, Miriam, and Ilana), was so extraordinary with their behaviours and antics, this year’s top ten will be a Bakers Dozen, as trying to cram it all into a Top 10 would not suffice.

For those of you wondering what the motivation behind this is, for those of you that live in the Metro Vancouver area, you might recall the nightly TV show “Sports Page” which aired on Global from 1976 to 2005. Sports Page used to have monthly top plays (similar to MeowMix monthly recap) and a Christmas special as well called “Yulin with the Page.” It wasn’t hard to come up with this idea and spread some Christmas cheer to people.

As we left 2021 into 2022, I left several questions regarding JYS and his clan and possible situations they would find themselves in 2022:

Question 1: Will the bank of Miriam finally go under trying to support everybody as Jon keeps piling on the debt and no job?

Update: Miriam was heard mentioning that Jon’s legal bills were making her broke in 2022. However, one should not feel sorry at this type of abuse, as Miriam herself was privy to the scamming and lying antics of Jon. Anybody recall her testimony at the BCHRT in 2019, when Jon started having periods at age 13?

Question 2: Will Jon start taking all his cases to the BCCRT because the Provincial Court system has caught onto his behaviour?

Update: In 2022 more and more cases were brought the BCCRT by Jon and like he does, he lost most of them. The closest he came to a win was a case against his strata, where they were forced to produce a list of owners.

Question 3: Will Rexy be around next year, or will Jon get rid of it as it no longer gets him the profit scams he desires.

Update: Rexy is still around, and it seems just like its owner, is nothing more than a crazy animal that can’t make money.

Question 4: Will Jon still be contacting that certain lawyer?

Update: In 2022 Jon tagged that certain lawyer several times in tweets, which wisely ignored him.

After much thought and searching it’s not nice to dead name people, however seeing how JYS likes to call racialized people N***** or Turban F*****, I will refer to JYS as Jon as we all know it hurts him. Now let’s go to the Top 13 Yaniv Fails of 2022, because this year JON really did a number.


The criminal justice system can be an overwhelming experience for many people, from being investigated to being charged to a trial and possible loss of freedom or liberty, along with the legal bills one has to pay. It’s for that reason many people avoid it or, having made a mistake, will learn from it and avoid the system again. For the many that have followed Jon since 2019, its well-known he is not a normal or rational thinker.

In 2022, while awaiting two trials for criminal offences, (Assault from 2020 on Keean Bexte and 2020 threats against Chris Elston), Jon and his moms neighbours got into an argument in her building regarding Rexy. Jon was arrested and charged with assault, pulling a fire alarm, and lying to the police. A few months later he was charged with libel against a RCMP officer from the 2021 arrest of his mom and aunt. That charge was stayed in the fall of 2022, leaving Jon to end 2022 facing three new charges.


People throughout the world take higher education, whether it be college, technical school, or university, to increase their knowledge, learn something new, and make a career out of their newfound knowledge. Everybody knows Jon aspires to be a lawyer, however with his mental problems, behaviour, and general bad character, no bar association would ever admit him to the bar.

In fact, Jon’s version of higher education is going to SFU, which sits HIGH Above Metro Vancouver on Burnaby Mountain, thus making it HIGHER EDUCATION. Much like his attendance at UFV, Jon joined and in the discord servers started acting the only way he knows, from being a victim to outlandish claims (7 majors?) to threatening people. The admins have booted him from the discord servers and he was called into to explain his threats, where, like usual he lied, blaming somebody else. (Perhaps REXY did it).


Earth, where we all live, aka Terra in Latin. The last several years on Earth has been odd. When one looks at it, here in BC the heat dome of 2021, the flooding in fall of 2021, and this year, the late arrival of summer and fall, whether you think climate change is real or natural or a hoax, the weather systems are getting odder (2021 temp in Lytton BC hit 121.1 F aka 49.5 Celsius, hottest temperature in Canadian history, Las Vegas hottest day ever was 117F or 47.2 Celsius). For that reason, many people are worried about climate change and doing their part to help lower emissions and carbon in the atmosphere.

SFU has the 350 club which refers the safe amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. In Sept 2022 the club won the Chancellors Distinguished Service Award, a noble honour. Upon looking at the attendees, Jon was as the event, despite starting at SFU a few weeks earlier. As many MeowMix readers have pointed out Jon is known to drive across the street to his mom’s condo from his condo – a distance of about 100 meters. Not very environmentally conscious.

Despite this being some sort of awards ceremony, Jon was pictured in his court dress (flower Mumu) and runners, with Rexy on stage. Even though all the students were smiling, I willing to bet they were cringing at the sight and smell of Jon on stage. Since that day Jon has taken an ‘increasing’ role against climate change by arguing against TMX and any other instances where somebody supports oil and gas. Remember readers this guy drives 100 meters across the street and washes his car almost every day.

10. Democracy is Fragile

In today’s high charged polarized environment, no matter whom you vote for, at the end of the day the institution belongs to the people, not any one individual. Not everybody will agree with others on the political views of others, but we have elections and use our right to vote. In the fall of 2022, Jon decided to run for VP of Equity and Sustainability at the SFSS (SIMON FRASER STUDENT SOCIETY) with outlandish and ridiculous claims, none of which he had the power to change or enforce. His campaign video of throwing a Halal burger in the garbage, to his tampon in an ad, was his hallmark traits of racism and being a perv. Before the election was over, Jon started throwing seeds of doubt into the election being rigged and fraud. After his loss (17 Votes) Jon brought out the lawsuit card, hoping to influence his way to a win. Sorry Jon you lost because you’re a loser and not liked. Perhaps next time you can help win supporters with Olive Garden Breadsticks.

9. THE BIRD      

For many years, Jon has brought the world his wisdom (not that he has any), his lies (truck full), through his favourite mouthpiece Twitter. With over 100,000 followers, any layperson would think TrustedNerd was some sort of major tech influencer or expert. However, upon closer inspection, most of his followers were bought, explaining why he never had many reactions to his Tweets, along with the content he posted which, was always lies and personal vendettas against anybody. When questioned on his Tweets, his usual reaction was to block those people. It was a great surprise in 2022, to see him abandon that Twitter handle allowing somebody at MeowMix to obtain it shortly after.

A few astute people noticed Jon created new Twitter accounts – one for his dog Rexy and then a fake service dog organization. When confronted Jon promptly created his SFUjessica handle, where, much like his TrustedNerd handle, anybody who points out the truth about Jon is blocked. I am really curious and upset why SFU would let Jon use their name in his Twitter, which allows him to portray as some sort of official from SFU. Recently after Twitter allowed the Blue Check Mark, Jon was bragging over Twitter he was verified. However, as most people know his lies, it was revealed he was paying $8.00 a month for the blue check mark.


Since Jon obtained Rexy in 2021, he has portrayed Rexy as a miracle dog, from fetching him a Subway when his blood sugar was low, to seeing the spirits of dead people in the bathroom. However, for all the magic power this dog has, it’s still not a certified service dog and no matter how many times he pulls out BCHRT rules on service dogs, Jon is still telling the same story. From having to buy a UPASS (transit pass) as part of his SFU dues, where Rexy will not be allowed to board as pets are not service animals, Jon has been on tirade against TransLink. In 2022 Jon found an ally in his war against TransLink – a fellow fake service dog grifter by the name of Lisa Arlin. Lisa also seems to think her little dog is a service animal and, like Jon, brings out paperwork (again, just like Jon) to intimidate people. Unlike Jon, who has been on this scam for over a year, Lisa has several years of this scam, even appearing on local media. Towards the end of the year Jon claims to have launched another suit against TransLink including Lisa in his fight for service dog rights.


For those of you that recall, in 2021 Jon and his mom came out and self-identified as Indigenous. The reason was simple in 2021: Indigenous people were among the first groups eligible for the COVID 19 vaccine. This despite the family tree showing everybody immigrated from Israel to Canada along with Miriam’s own testimony at the BCHRT in 2019. In his latest filing against TransLink regarding Rexy, Jon did check off the Indigenous box. once again spreading his lies. Many have speculated one of the reasons he was admitted to SFU was because of his Indigenous heritage (among his disability claims). Despite numerous offers from people for Jon to take a 23 & Me DNA test on their tab to see if he is Indigenous, Jon has kept strangely silent on this. I am sure we all know the reason and the answer to this.


Our future aspiring lawyer Jon claims to know much about the law yet for his criminal charges he looks to criminal lawyers to defend him. Since his taser incident Jon had stuck with an Andrew Coulthard and as his assault trial on Keean Bexte was starting to begin, it appears him and Andrew parted ways, which began Jon’s game of musical lawyers. No fewer than seven lawyers in 2022 either worked with Jon or dumped him as a client. It may appear Jon is trying to use the Jordan defence to help get the charges thrown out, not realizing how it works. I guess you can say many lawyers, despite the money they would make from Jon, don’t care about the money, and worry about his smell in their office never leaving.

P.S. This does not include the special defence lawyer that Crown applied for and had requested during the assault trial of Bexte. Knowing Jon loved to fire lawyers before trial, the special defence lawyer was brought in to make sure Bexte could be cross-examined as the Crown knew Jon cross examining Bexte would result in nothing more than name calling and yelling.


The Star of Life a symbol often found on the side of ambulances. It symbolizes Emergency Medical Services, a welcome sight to anybody who is need of emergency medical treatment. To Jon, he thought it meant ATM. In one of his many suits filed at the BC CRT, Jon tried to sue the BC Ambulance Service for being ‘’mean’’ to him during the 53 calls for service from Jan 2020 to Sep 2021. From notes from his mom to an anonymous note saying BC Ambulance was transphobic, Jon’s claim was tossed into the trash. Although Jon did have many defeats at the BC CRT this one is significant as he was ordered to pay the BC Ambulance $1620 for their costs and all interest that would accrue. Its unknown if he has paid but knowing his past repayments of debts, it’s reasonable to presume he hasn’t. I’m sure a collection agency will be calling.

On the face of it, if we look at this incident(s) it’s bad enough Jon wastes paramedics time and doesn’t seem to care. However, if we look deeper there is some eye-opening numbers:

For you BC residents an ambulance ride is $80 or, if you call and refuse, $50. However, the actual cost of the service is $848. The BC govt subsides the service by a significant amount. After a phone call with somebody at BC EHS (The agency responsible for billing) just because you refuse an ambulance, the service still cost $848. In her words somebody (taxpayers) eat the cost. So, let’s run the numbers:

53 calls x $848 is $44,944. This is the actual cost of those calls before anything else is calculated.

Please remember this is only for the 53 calls he made from Jan 2020 to Sept 2021 during which time there was a pandemic going on. Jon has cost BC taxpayers $50,000 dollars in ambulance costs alone, in less than a year.


Healthcare workers are people with passion for helping others and never judging why you are seeking treatment. Jon being a frequent flyer at hospitals and medical clinics throughout Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island should know the patience and caring nature of these souls sees them as money bags. In 2022, Jon sued VCHA (VANCOVUER COASTAL HEALTH AUTHORITY), for complication to his ‘’ vagina’’ surgery. From pages of medical records and visits to numerous specialists, Jon thought he could get VCHA to pay him money to go away. In the fall of 2022, the case was adjourned. This was a significant event as it showed all the doubters that Jon had indeed gone through with the surgery (first reported on MeowMix!). I pity the nurses and doctors that had to look at his mangled mess. The smell must have been atrocious. It’s fair to presume they were thankful for KN95 masks.


In 2022, the much-anticipated trial between Jon and Rebel Media finally came to its end in a courtroom. This was a case that Jon for some reason would not let go away as he felt he could perhaps win and make Rebel look like big bullies. Jon being self-represented went up against Rebels lawyers and the Judge wasn’t having any of it. The judgement was quite severe and truthful in the description of Jon from his early days of foolishness to now. The judge literally branded Jon what Rebel has been calling him for years, and it’s not a great label. However, if the shoe fits wear it, I guess.


For those of you that can recall Star Trek: The Next Generation, anytime trouble would appear, Captain Picard would say “Shields up” and Mr. Worf would be say “Shields up then down 10 percent, 40 percent, we have lost shields” One of the biggest issues that anger people about Jon is his habit of breaking rules and laws and then not getting into trouble for his actions. In 2022, the so-called Trans shield of Jon failed in specular fashion.

In May 2022, while on trial for the Bexte assault, after a 2-day trial the judge found Jon guilty of assault for that Jan 2020 incident. While being sentenced, his defence lawyer managed to get him another conditional discharge (he had got 1 in 2020 for the Taser incident). This was quite baffling as two back-to-back discharges is rare, but nevertheless, he was sentenced, as perhaps his Trans shield was working.

In June 2022, the shield was gone, as he pled guilty for the Chris Elston incident in 2020. His lawyer tried get him a third straight discharge, but our ‘’brave” activist was given probation and, with that, a criminal record to follow him around for the rest of his life.


2020 was an odd year as the pandemic took over our lives and society, throwing it into an unknown territory. However, Jon, being dedicated to finding a mate, took his mom to Toronto to meet his catfish Sara and little daughter. In 2021, Jon fell in love with a local woman named Arianna, who got him good and wrote him a Pulitzer-award-winning letter that was the perfect biography about Jon.

In 2022, Jon once again fell in love with a local woman who became his finance. Samantha, in addition to being the future wife of Jon, was also moonlighting as $25 snuggle friend. Business must have been slow in hug land as Jon would often send dinner to Samantha, and he wore that pink diamond ring as a symbol of his love for Sam, as a real diamond ring could supply Jon and Sam thousands of meals. As the year neared an end, Jon seemed to no longer mention Sam and his engagement ring disappeared. It’s quite hilarious and unbelievable to fathom that Jon thinks that any woman would ever want to be with him.


the Pigloo
  • During his many visits to specialist regarding his ‘’vagina’’ surgery, Jon took his mom Miriam with him. What a sight it must have been to see your 400 lb. son laying on table having his stinky mess examined.
  • Rexy decided court was not for him and decided to get frisky with Jon in court.
  • DMCA the pics of his Pigloo and the so-called mess the cleaners left behind.

Looking Ahead to 2023

  • As we look forward to 2023, what will it hold for Jon? Will he still be SFU student and complete his classes or be booted out for his behaviour or lack of grades?
  • How will the assault trial from his mom’s condo play out? Will he be convicted or acquitted?

Hey Jon as you read this, as we know you’re a big MeowMix reader and you think people are out to get you and what not, but this was all your doing. The hell you live in daily was a making of your behaviour and ethics. No matter what you change your name to or color your hair to, society will always be there to remind people who you are, “You can run but you can’t hide.” Not that you can run to begin with.     

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you all the best in 2023. Let’s see what Jon and his family will do next!