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Bal’s Top Ten Yaniv Fails of 2021

This list of the Top Ten Jessica Yaniv Simpson Fails of 2021 was submitted to MeowMix by Bal, a friend and follower. Check out Bal’s Top Ten of 2020 here!

Hello to all,

As 2021 comes to an end the Yaniv clan gave many of us so many moments of their stupidity and foolishness. The family had so many incidents, it’s virtually impossible to narrow a whole year to just 10. Taking some of the ‘highlights’ of 2021, you will find some of the best moments from them listed below. Much thanks to MeowMix, and all the people who work hard every day bringing us details of the Yariv’s misadventures.

Out With the Old, In With the New

January 1 is a day of reflection for most people a day to reflect on the year that went by and make adjustments for the New Year, set goals and plans. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Jan 1, 2021 was a bit different, as most night clubs and other hangouts were closed and the Public Health Order was in force limiting house parties.  For Jon Yaniv, Jan 1, 2021 was a day unlike any other, as he was arrested and taken to the police station. This was due to the incident the previous fall where he confronted a detractor, threatened to kill him and called in a bomb threat all while being recorded on video. For Jon there was no escaping the ‘old’ or starting ‘new’.

Can of Worms

Most people know that Jon and Miriam (his mom) call the police for wellness checks. It’s quite odd as both live in secured buildings that require a fob to get in, have cameras in their units, one of them weighs 400 lbs., the other being uglier than a mud fence, all this along with the fact both have no money, makes one wonder why the wellness checks?

In early 2021 Jon called for a wellness check on his mom and aunt. The end result was his mom and aunt both being arrested for assault on a police officer. One should wonder if the Yariv’s didn’t waste resources on this wellness check, both women would have not been arrested. Good call Jon! The three of you can have criminal records. You opened the can of worms.

Editor Note…It was only after Brassard installed the can of worms.

The Big Owe

Montreal, one of the oldest cities in North America. A city where you can get poutine, bagels, smoked meat sandwiches, Molson, GRS, and Olympic Stadium. Built for the 1976 Olympics, Olympic stadium was a white elephant. It was not finished on time, the roof rarely worked, chunks of it fell off resulting in the closure of it at times and the stadium took 30 years to pay off. Montrealer’s have called it the “BIG OWE” instead of the BIG “O” for those various reasons.

Jon went to Montreal GRS in 2021 and, just like Olympic stadium, his surgery became another example of a BIG OWE. He didn’t get the coin slot he wanted. The diameter of his ‘vagina’ seems as big as the roof of Olympic stadium, pieces of it have fallen off, and he will have at least 30 years to think it over. (Knowing his diet, he might not even live that long). To the Docs at Montreal GRS, the next Molson I drink will be for you.

Justice is Blind, But it Has a Long Memory

One of the biggest peeves people have with Jon is his lawsuit filing threats and habits. Contrary to popular belief, Jon is not shown any protection for being ‘trans’ and protected class. The only times he has won is one case where they gave him go away money, and another where the lawyer was lazy and chose to go on vacation instead of reply. Also all his private prosecutions have wound up in the garbage.

After the 70+ lawsuits/complaints he has ‘’won’’ $7,500 bucks. In 2021 Jon filed several cases from the RCMP to Ministry of Attorney General to his mom’s strata among others. In each case they were dismissed outright. Knowing his habits were being noticed by court staff, he began to file in the Abbotsford court or go the BC CRT to avoid scrutiny. Unfortunately for Jon, being trans and disabled won’t help him in any venue as the paper he uses to file his cases would be better used as toilet paper.

Fat Jon waiting in line to serve papers to the BC RCMP, showing off his latest fashion trend “Dumpster Butt”.

The Rubber Match

Since 2019 Jon and DFS (DONALD FRANCIS SMITH) have had grudge and hatred for each other. Despite their differences, they are not that different. Both claim to be something else (DFS a reporter, JYS a Lawyer) , both have racism in their veins, both hate the left yet are only alive cause of the social safety net introduced by the left (DFS welfare, JYS CERB, Disability).

I am very sure in any another country the two of them would have passed away a long time ago due to lack of public funds and services. After being annoyed by DFS, JYS went on a spree against him, having him jailed for 39 days till he was bailed out. Jon then sued him and when the court asked for reasons why Provincial Court was the venue for this, JYS kept delaying till he had no choice but to withdraw it. With both 1 win a side, this set up the Rubber Match in Surrey court in June 2021. After the usual babble from both, the judge ruled against JYS and awarded DFS court costs. Best 2 out 3 to DFS.

However in that hearing JYS showed his ‘pitch’. The one thing he has been using to run his lawsuits without punishment, until the judge took his pitch and hit out of the park. That is partial explanation for why he is going to BC CRT more so than the courthouse.

Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

Ever since Jon was arrested for the Taser incident in 2019 and charged, he had been using the services of Andrew Coulthard for the matters. Even when he racked up more charges, he always had Andrew on speed dial.

When Miriam and Ilana got arrested he was the one they went to. Jon even said he’s the best lawyer in town. Sorry JYS, rookies working legal aid are not the top tier you think they are. What came as surprise is when they dumped him and switched lawyers. More shocking knowing the family’s racism, to quote Miriam from another chat calling a South Asian Person’s a “BRUNY” they hired them.  

Is this perhaps because they were using Andrew too much for free advice or harassing him? Maybe they are trying to shed their racism label? Or, more sinister, set him up for a lawsuit after they lose their trials, accusing them of something?

P.S. This is no way to say Andrew is a low class lawyer, but he’s not top tier.

Reality is Better Than Pictures

The Vancouver Fire Dept. has had an annual calendar featuring firemen for sale with all proceeds going to charity. Knowing how JYS is tight for money, it’s fair to presume he wanted one but couldn’t afford it. So he did the next best thing by calling out the Langley Fire Dept. 30 times in 2 weeks to get him out of the bathtub while he was nude.

This tremendous waste of resources stopped when he got a letter from the Fire Dept., warning him he would be charged. Jon then tried to sue them like usual and its more than likely his lawsuit went in the trash.


It came to light that Jon wanted a service dog in 2021 and after much time he got a brown lab and named it REXY. The service dog is to help Yaniv, but nobody knows what for.

Like most of his life, this dog was a scam to make profit. From the incident at the medical clinic where both the S.O.B and the dog were booted it out, it became clearer – this was WAXMYBALLS 2.0. The dog is so talented it brought him a Subway sandwich when Jon’s blood sugar was low. This is quite the feat considering the trainer for this dog is from the subpar brand of dog training.

In fall 2021, Yaniv posted a video of the building janitor ‘harassing’ his pooch and Yaniv filing private prosecutions and BC HRT Complaints. The level of support for the janitor was unparalleled and the hatred towards Yaniv being more severe than his ball wax hearing.

Looking at the video, this dog was no service dog, but a dog that, thanks to Yaniv, is like a CUJO. When one considers how broke Jon is and his lack of cleanliness, what about the dog? Has it got its shots, proper food, and vet care? Knowing his past history with animals (thief’s drugged his dog but stole nothing, and bashing in another dogs head for revenge) what’s the future for Rexy? Perhaps a few drops of antifreeze and Rexy will be in a better place.

I Am Canadian

During the early 2000’s there was a TV commercial for Molson Canadian saying the best part of North America was Canada. This commercial was very powerful and patriotic. In fact, it was so moving that the Yaniv’s in 2021 came out as Indigenous Canadians.

That’s quite the feat considering the whole family emigrated from Israel and it’s hard to fathom who has indigenous roots in the family. But for the COVID 19 vaccine program, Indigenous Canadians were allowed to get their shots first, thus the Yaniv’s were Indigenous now.

Sorry Yaniv clan, you’re Jewish and your immigration papers along with BC HRT testimony say you are. This stunt is a real cheap stunt. They even went for boosters.

Editor: We didn’t previously post it but enough time has passed now for this to be untraceable. We were contacted by an anonymous source at a COVID testing facility that told us Yaniv showed up regularly for random testing, saying he thought he was exposed. According to this source, the staff’s morning safety meetings included mentioning a possible appearance by one of the Yaniv’s and how best to respond (pronouns, etc).

Fool Me Once, Shame on You! Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me!

During 2020, Yaniv was bragging about his new love Sara, so strong was this fools love for Sara, Jon and his mom even wasted money to fly to Toronto to meet Sara and her young daughter Emily in hospital. Not once did Jon suspect he was being catfished and kept making plans for his new life with Sara and Emily. When Sara booted him to the curb and released the Sara leaks, one could see how much over his head Jon is and what a fool he was.

In 2021 there was another woman who Yaniv fell for. A local woman called Arianna, seems Jon didn’t learn nothing from Sara and Arianna treated him like dirt (which he is), getting him to show his ‘vagina”, audio of him playing with it, and his scams.

Love Photo sent to Arianna

After Jon cut off communication with her 6 months later, Arianna wrote one of the best truthful letters most have ever read. Just like Sara, Arianna released her chat logs and they were classic Jon.  One has to wonder if he will learn anything from this experience or rush out to fall in ‘’love’’ with the next female that talks to him. (There was another lady recently, who’s shoes were eaten by Rexy and Jon did ‘’love’’ her so I would say no)

Honorable Mentions

  • Knowing the sick perverted mind of the family, it comes as no surprise that Yaniv tagged an Asian Doctor on Twitter and showed his “vagina”.
  • His claims of being a law student, then finding out he’s at some legal studies course. When the student body found out, they erupted with safety concerns, which lead to him threating people.
  • Miriam (probably) slapping her sister in the hotel room to show the bruises the RCMP gave them during the arrest.  
  • Jon’s infatuation with a certain Vancouver lawyer, trying to join her firm, encouraging them to run for law society bencher, trying to hire them for a traffic ticket. This lawyer has, in no uncertain terms, ignored him and Jon still attempts to contact them. (Lawyer name withheld cause no need to embarrass them).

The Future

As we look at 2022, nobody has a crystal ball to tell what it might hold, but several things are certain. Jon has 2 criminal trials. This will mark the 4th straight year he has appeared in Criminal court on some matter. Miriam and Ilana will be having their criminal matter finished at some point in 2022 as well. Other events in the lives of the Yariv’s are not as clear, but stand a good chance of happening:

  • Will the bank of Miriam finally go under trying to support everybody as Jon keeps piling on the debt and no job?
  • Will Jon start taking all his cases to the BC CRT because the Provincial Court system has caught onto his behaviour?
  • Will Rexy be around next year or will Jon get rid of it as it no longer gets him the profit scams he desires.
  • Will Jon still be contacting that certain lawyer?

Hey Jon as you read this, (We all know you’re an avid reader and follower of MeowMix), you will never escape your past your detractors and critics will make sure of it. Just like the CIA, you have no idea, what they look like, where they come from, where they can find you to expose you and protect children and other members of society. To quote Carson Wells from the movie No Country for Old Men, “I’m guessing this isn’t the future you had pictured for yourself”.

Stay tuned and let’s see what transpires in 2022 for the Langley menace and gruesome twosome.