jessica yaniv simpson top 10 fails

Bal’s Top Ten Yaniv Fails of 2020

This list was submitted to MeowMix by Bal, a friend and follower.

As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 is on the horizon, most people around the world are wishing that 2020 never happened. After all, it started normal, till the COVID pandemic threw the world into a tailspin of which we have not seen in recent memory. One of the only consistent stories in 2020 was the antics of Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv, who now, after trashing his family’s name, changed it to Jessica Simpson. This list shows some of the blunders, antics, and ethics of Jon and, on occasion, his mom. This list is no way reflective of the trans community and their struggles in daily life.

Some will argue that other adventures of the Yaniv’s should be on the list or they should have been ranked in different order. Just remember this list is for fun and informative purposes. All the events are true and documented by many people on social media in various forms.

Special Thanks to MeowMix for compiling many gigabytes of Jon, which made putting this list together very easy. You people at MeowMix, with your writings made many people laugh, and awe in disgust at Jon in an otherwise depressing 2020.

Now without further delay: Jonathan Yaniv’s Top 10 of 2020:


Most people are aware that reading books and taking courses is a great way to increase ones knowledge and understanding of various subjects. In Jonathan Yaniv’s case this type of activity lead to him tweeting that he was close to passing the bar exam to became a lawyer. Judging by his string of legal defeats and failures, its stands a better chance of snowing in Vancouver in July than Jonathan  becoming a lawyer.


When going to court, many people are aware to be on their best behaviour, especially when facing criminal charges. As we know, Jonathan Yaniv is not most people. When leaving court on a weapons charge in Jan 2020, Jonathan was approached by a Rebel Media reporter, which led to Jonathan doing his best UFC impression on the reporters head. The end result: Jonathan getting charged with assault.


After the infamous Wax my Balls cases at the BC HRT, Jonathan was fined $6000 dollars for improper conduct by the BC HRT. Jonathan stated he had no intention of paying the victims and flaunted his arrogance towards the process. It was quite astonishing to see Jonathan getting a draft from Scotia Bank on his line of credit in April 2020 to pay the women the $6000. Was it because it was the right thing to do? Survey says no, as the BC HRT deferred more cases from Jonathan until the debt was paid.


There was a fire at the Hawthorne complex in Langley where Jonathan lives. Thank God nobody was hurt, but there was of course property damage to various units in the complex and the insurance companies fixed the damage.  The fire being two floors up and two units over, but this didn’t stop Jon from lying to say his unit was affected by the damage and launching a lawsuit against the owners of the unit where the fire originated from.  Nobody has any idea how the water travelled that far and didn’t affect any other unit on the way to Jon’s unit. Yaniv later tried to profit from the real victims tragedy.


Jonathan has called the police many times regarding bomb threats and such. Even posting a picture of wine rack in a bag outside the building as a bomb. Despite the fact the devastation and carnage a bomb could do, the other residents of the Hawthorne never seem to get warned about these bomb threats. If one could ask Sigmund Freud, about the sexual attraction of bomb threats and excitement, it would be so much easier to understand.

5. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION               

Jonathan has watched The Fugitive many times it seems, as when he was going to be charged with assault of the Rebel reporter, Jonathan started posting pics from Vancouver Island giving the illusion he was there and on the lam, taunting the police. Too bad for Jonathan the day he posted the pics of Victoria showing nice sunny blue skies, people living there said it was a grey overcast type of day. Unlike Dr. Kimble, Jonathan wasn’t a wrongly convicted person on the run, but a coward who was scared of being arrested.


The great majority of people in society would more than likely help others in a situation, whether it is calling for help, rendering medical help or interjecting themselves into a situation to avoid more danger to another. Jonathan’s version of helping a victim was to set them up at English Bay and lurk in the background out of sight but to jump into action with their mom and there cameras recording the confrontation and calling the police. Sorry Jon, that doesn’t make you a hero in any sense.


Nothing against the country that has given many great hockey players, Lingonberry sauce, and IKEA, but Jon dressed in too-tight jeans and a pink jacket, twirling a blue and yellow umbrella, leaving court while being escorted by a Sheriff was fashion faux pas. Knowing the Yaniv’s habit of “collecting” items from business, did they buy the umbrella or did it fall into their shopping cart when leaving IKEA?


After being sentenced by the judge to conditional discharge and probation for his weapons charges, one of the conditions of probation is to be of good behavior and most are sure Jon promised the judge he would be good. It didn’t take more than an hour or two for Jon to break that promise outside the courthouse by trying to charge towards people and threating to run over his detractors. This along with threating another opponent of his outside the local Subway by threating to kill him, shows Jon can’t keep a promise.

jessica yaniv simpson threat on liveme

Jon is a master of deception, using his filtered pic and tall tales to impress women while claiming to a trans woman lesbian. Jon can’t handle rejection and his attempts at revenge against the people don’t want him cross boundaries and show a childish streak in a 33 year old man. Well, Jon met a person who has more brains and skills than Jon, resulting in the Yaniv,s paying thousands of dollars to fly to Toronto to meet a imaginary woman and her sick 2-year-old daughter.

The scene outside the Pantages Hotel where the Yaniv’s met another Rebel Media reporter was classic Yaniv as threats of calling the police and telling tall tales resulted in the usual nothing. So much was Yaniv in love, he didn’t realize this woman didn’t exist and he had been catfished. As soon as she “kicked’’ him to the curb like the pile of garbage he is, typical Yaniv behaviour of guns, lawsuits, manipulation and threats of self-harm began. The releasing of over 400 pages of chat logs by Sara showing the depraved mindset of Jon and Miriam should be a candidate for the best sellers list. Moral of story, always be true to yourself and others and you might get something.

There you have it, the top 10 of 2020 of Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Simpson. What will 2021 bring? Will Jon smarten up or commit more of the same nonsense? Let’s find out together.

Editor’s Christmas Bonus: Hey Jonny…how do you think Rebel found you at the Pantages? Could it have been that Sara literally told them everything? 😀

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