Balls To That

A look at Yaniv’s perverted goal of forcing women to handle his balls while simultaneously claiming to be a women’s rights activist.

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This post is by a great friend and Meow Mix guest author.

I can recall The first time I heard of Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathon Yaniv (wax my balls extraordinaire). We were in the car and the radio was on. What particularly caught my attention were the words – Brazilian, wax, penis, and scrotum. Not words one usually hears in a sentence together. I admit I was fascinated right from the get go.

My poor husband almost parked the car in our neighbours hedge in his haste to reach the off switch on the radio. I just had to find out more and find out more I did. I dove headfirst into the murky Twitter account of the lipstick wearing litigator known as Jessica Yaniv (aka Johnathan) and what a world it is.

Yaniv, a person who genuinely believes it’s their divine right to drag women through a legal process to force them to wax their hairy nutsack (a Brazilian no less – I’m just dying to know where the landing strip goes, erm not).

Joking aside though, this is not okay, not in any sane and rational word and not to any sane or rational person. As a woman, and as a mother to daughters, I find it absolutely abhorrent that Yaniv actually believes that a woman should be forced by law to wax their hairy balls and that they can not see that forcing a woman to handle any genitals against their will is actually what’s known as a sexual assault. There are no shades of grey – plain and simple, that’s what it is.

I’ve thought long and hard about this. It’s resonated with me and brought out the feminist in me and it just seems to me that there are a couple of elements as to why Yaniv has dragged these poor waxing technicians to court. Money is a part, albeit it’s is a small part. I believe, however, the main reason is far more sinister than financial gain, where our least liked incel Yaniv is concerned. It’s about power. The power to make women feel uncomfortable, to punish them, to persecute them, and for the thrill they get when they achieve this goal.

Quite simply, Yaniv is a fetishist, who hates what they can never ever have, ie, a woman who will willingly touch him or be intimate willingly with him, and therefore has to try and get women to touch him by dragging them through a traumatic legal and litigation ordeal.

Let’s be clear – we’ve all seen that they have shown themselves to be an unpredictable and violent individual. This disturbing behaviour has escalated and is now very brazen and open. We know for a fact that Yaniv is more than capable of both verbal and physical abuse and violence, so what man or woman, would ever willingly be alone in a room with them with Yaniv while in a state of undress?

This has never had anything to do with Yaniv being a trans woman and everything to do with Yaniv exploiting vulnerable women for their own ends.

As for Yaniv being an activist or an advocate, absolutely not. Their behaviour benefits nobody but themselves and that is not what an  advocate or activist does!!

Yaniv simply wants their own way, at women’s expense and they will do anything to achieve this under the guise of so called women’s rights. This is really a kick in the teeth for all women, because Yaniv is hiding under this equal rights umbrella.

Yaniv’s behaviour has become openly outrageous and unpredictable of late, seemingly with no consequences whatsoever. As a woman, I’m deeply disturbed that it even got as far as it did. That 16 women were actually forced to defend their right to refuse to touch a penis is absolutely outrageous.

Women everywhere have fought and fought to be treated as equals (trans and cis), to be treated as individuals with rights, and for equal and fair treatment. We don’t make outrageous demands. We just want what’s right for us all. As women, we should be building each other up, watching each other’s backs and supporting each other though our individual  journeys throughout life. Not dragging each other as Yaniv does through court and forcing each other to touch genitals we don’t want to touch.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on our lipstick wearing litigator. I mean they aren’t always dragging vulnerable women through the courts. Sometimes they take a break to pursue other activities such as, wasting emergency services resources, beating up reporters, faking disabilities, allegedly messaging underage and adolescent girls, cruising the courts and streets with the enabler, their mother (who really should have swallowed that fateful night) the one and only Miriam Yaniv, and meowing on balconies at the local residents and fire department.

All in all, no woman should ever put another woman in a position where she is forced to touch anything on a body of anyone that she does not want to touch. It’s called common sense and it’s common decency, something that Yaniv, the perpetual victim and litigator appears to lack.

However, that said, maybe someone should take one for the team. Offer that wax to Yaniv and wax that penis and scrotum right off of their self entitled, narcissistic body. Any takers? No? Thought not, can’t say as I blame you. 

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