jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Missing Clitoris, Creepy Fingers, and JY the “Teacher”.

That’s a sentence I don’t think anyone has ever typed before but here I am, sitting down to write a blog post about Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s leaked pics and two of the most hilarious audio files I’ve ever heard in my life.

First there was a pair of pictures leaked to KiwiFarms that showed Yaniv’s mangled junk and his underwear with a pad (as if anyone would want to see that).

Next, WGKitty shared the now-infamous audio clip of JY “slapping his pussy”. It’s cringey AF, but the last 20 seconds are downright hilarious. Apparently this is how JY thinks women masturbate.

Finally, there’s a clip in which JY drones on and on about how his “clitoris” FELL OFF. Twitter and KiwiFarms have really grabbed onto this one and the memes have been hilarious!

But first, who is this woman that JY is sending these awful things to? Her name is Arianna, and she preferred not to give out too much personal info. From the way she explains it, this was her “fuck you” to JY for the damage he’s done to the world. I suppose some may debate the ethics of that, but I personally support anyone that wants to give JY a healthy taste of his own medicine.

The entire thing is very similar to what “Sara” did. It’s also very similar to the way JY used numerous fake identities online to manipulate women, entrap aestheticians (and eventually ruin their lives), scam businesses, and harass young girls. Karma, eh?

The WGKitty KiwiFarms leaks are just the beginning. We’ve chatted with Arianna and there’s so much more to come as time permits but the best place to start is the beginning. The chats below are what Arianna (or Ari) sent to us from her conversation with JY on Instagram.

jessica yaniv simpson

You can see the chat started out relatively boring – a chat about Christmas lights and a “Happy New Years” message. It soon devolved into JY’s usual whining – pain, depression – trying to make Arianna feel bad for him. Then suddenly, without getting to know her or really chatting much at all, he randomly (awkwardly) states he’d like to date her – his 9th message to her ever. Cringey. But wait, there’s more!

Wait what?

Arianna: “So you’re a marketer?”

JY: “Yeah do you think I can ride your fingers too?”

Then JY, the guy that’s never actually touched a real vagina, except maybe Miriam’s, adds that his “vagina” is no different at all from a real one. Right.

JY loves to teach? And he’s super lovable? He always tells people he’s so lovable, and so bubbly. Who’s he trying to convince?

“Ich will dick ficken” tranlates to “I want to fuck you” according to Google. Classy.

He’s really obsessed with that stupid massage chair.

Feb 9 – two days after they really started chatting – his heart skips a beat. His heart should skip a meal. Oh and if anyone is curious, JY goes to a chiropractor in the same building as his mom’s condo. Don’t attack the clinic – send them condolences flowers.

Again with a reference to teaching. Never mind that though – how classy of him to tell the woman he’s trying to woo about the wound dehiscence between his pussy and asshole. Puke. But just a few messages later he declares it’s like a porn star pussy, and it’s pretty perfect.

Reality: it looks like Homer Simpson’s mouth.

“So many COVID tests”, he says. We can confirm this. A friend of MeowMix works at a COVID testing clinic near him and told us he comes in often, sometimes multiple times per week. They generally discuss him in their morning meetings and they’re sure to warn staff to use proper pronouns and be careful what they say.

Do women tell their other women friends when they have OBGYN appointments?

No sensation in his clit…is this what happens before it falls off?

“It can be eaten”. Jon, nobody on earth is ever going to put their face near that. EVER. And it doesn’t look like a porn star pussy.

Remember that day JY posted that creepy picture of his bleeding wound on Twitter? He thought it was hilarious, and that a woman he was trying to court would like it too.

Day 4 of the friendship – whining about a dramatic car accident now.

And also day 4 – he’s saying he loves her. What a loser.

Arianna has assured us there is more coming so keep your eyes on MeowMix and KiwiFarms, and most of all, on JY. That creepy incel is going to be on the warpath, but that’s ok. JY really has no ground to stand on.

When he scammed home-based-aestheticians to wax his balls, he used multiple accounts to twist the story and mislead them, eventually leading to the infamous “wax my balls” cases. When people upset him in the Cimorelli days, he used fake accounts to fight back. When he conned people into hiring him for his “marketing” services, he used fake accounts to write fake reviews, and still uses fake accounts to leave bad reviews on businesses that upset him. When people upset Yaniv he uses fake identities and accounts to attack them.

This is just karma, and Yaniv deserves it. I hope there’s more people doing this to him right now.