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April 23, 2021: Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Co. Legal Update

Catch up on the latest legal news from Jessica Yaniv Simpson, plus Miriam Yaniv and Aunty Ilana Altmann. I’m including all known cases here because it’s good to see it all in one place. Recent updates and upcoming court dates in red.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

  • JY Criminal – Assault An appearance was scheduled for April 22 to confirm a trial date, tentatively scheduled for June 25, 2021. It appears that neither Yaniv nor his lawyer appeared for this date, and an application was filed for the Court to issue a warrant for Yaniv’s arrest. This application is to be heard May 6, 2021. A quick consult with our legal expert friend suggests this is unusual. It’s unlikely that Yaniv’s lawyer dropped him (not easy to do in a criminal case). One possibility is that it could have been a hearing where Yaniv’s attendance was mandatory but we can’t confirm that. To clarify, a warrant has not been issued yet. The prosecution has simply applied to the Court for one to be approved, suggesting this is more of a procedural hurdle than a concern about Yaniv being a flight risk.
  • JY vs ToL – BC Provincial Small Claims – Yaniv amended his application to add more defendants, including the attorney general, City of Vancouver, etc. Documents have been served to the City of Vancouver. The Certificate of Service is in the MeowMix documents library. Not much to see…it just says he served them papers in person.
  • JY vs RCMP – Claimed – Canadian Human Rights Commission – Under review. Yaniv posted the screenshot below and called it a “win”. There are a few things to consider here. First, is this a genuine document? We think it appears to be one. Second, is this genuine legal document related to JY’s case or did he simply find it on Google and try to apply it to his own case? Third, this appears to be the bottom of page 12 and top of page 13. Where is the rest of the document? All of those questions are unanswered. If we take this at face value and assume it is genuine, it appears that the RCMP wanted to handle this case via the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP (CRCC) and Yaniv wanted it to go to a human rights tribunal. The tribunal agreed that they should hear the case. Yaniv called this a win, and in a minor way it might be, but it isn’t a victory for the case. It just means it will go before the CHRC instead of the CRCC. On the other hand, this could be a screenshot from something completely unrelated to him and he’s full of shit.
  • JY Criminal – Weapons Possession – Two charges, one dropped, one guilty plea. Yaniv received probation. Last fall, his application to remove some conditions was granted. Last month he applied to remove more and it was not granted. Yaniv remains on probation and is prohibited from owning a firearm. Update April: a 490 application was filed, most likely to finalize the forfeiture of JY’s weapons. It was granted. A legal source has indicated to us there may have been other property seized when Yaniv was arrested for the taser possession. Yaniv had previously bragged about possession of a collapsible baton and bear spray. Since these items are legal in Canada, it’s possible they may have been returned to Yaniv as per standard operating procedure at the end of a case like this. 490 applications are not easily accessible but MeowMix has started the process to legally obtain this document.
  • JY vs DFS – BC Provincial Small Claims– JY withdrew his lawsuit against DFS, which was immediately followed up by a written invitation from the judge to DFS to apply for costs. Expected to occur in the week of April 12-16, 2021. Has not yet occurred as it was expected to, despite repeated claims by Mr. Smith on his YouTube channel.
  • JY vs Keean Bexte/David Menzies – BC Provincial Small Claims –Bexte/Menzies lawyer last rejected Yaniv’s claims and they are awaiting a reply from Yaniv.
  • JY Criminal – Uttering Threats, Mischief (2 counts) – Hearing April 9, 2021 to confirm trial date. Andrew Coulthard appeared virtually for this and requested an adjournment. He claimed he was unable to reach the prosecutor to confirm a trial date because he was unaware of the correct spelling of the prosecutors name (Cheryl Stanley). Another hearing is scheduled for April 27 to confirm a future trial date.
  • JY Private Prosecutions – Eight under Jessica Simpson, 16 under Jessica Yaniv. None have been approved by Crown or a Judge. At least one has been denied (File 243682). Some of these may be restraining order applications.
  • JY vs Strata – BC Provincial Small Claims – JY sued their strata for various hurt feelings. Strata replied April 8, denying all claims and seeking costs from JY.
  • JY vs Rebel News – BC Supreme – JY applied for and received a fee waiver a second time. His documents disclosed that he is receiving disability benefits and filed an updated Notice of Claim.
  • JY vs Amy Hamm – BC Supreme – Initiated by Hamm, no updates since Aug 2020.
  • JY vs Galaxy Pageants – Ontario Human Rights Commission – Under review.
  • JY vs Aestheticians – BCHRT – JY ordered to pay $6,000.
  • JY vs Bill Whatcott – BCHRT – Withdrawn.
  • JY vs Fraser Health/PHSA – BC Provincial Small Claims– Withdrawn.
  • JY vs Kari Simpson – BC Provincial Small Claims– Withdrawn.
  • JY vs Choo’s – BC Provincial Small Claims – Withdrawn.
  • JY vs Physiotherapists – BC Provincial Small Claims– Settled for a measly $2500.
  • JY vs Aestheticians – BC Provincial Small Claims – Withdrawn.
  • JY vs Andrew Barron – BC Provincial Small Claims – Old, closed.
  • JY vs Phoenix Muranetz and others – BC Provincial Small Claims – Old, closed.
  • JY vs Miriam’s Strata – BC Provincial Small Claims – Old, closed.

Total: 12 BC Provincial Small Claims, six criminal charges, at least two BC Supreme cases, 16-21 BCHRT complaints, at least one Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint, one Ontario Human Rights Complaint, 24 private prosecutions. If you’re counting, that’s 67 separate legal ventures that we know of.

Miriam Yaniv

  • MY Private Prosecutions – five private prosecutions. One was added in the last few days (likely March 5, 2021).
  • Miriam vs Strata – Civil – Last updated Feb 19, 2021. Likely withdrawn.
  • MY Criminal – There is video showing Miriam Yaniv being arrested, and MeowMix received an anonymous tip stating there are charges coming. As of today, March 8, 2021, there are no charges.

Total: Five private prosecutions, one civil, and suspected criminal charges coming.

Ilana Altmann

  • IA Private Prosecutions – One added, most likely on March 5, 2021.
  • IA vs Township of Langley – Civil – Most likely filed by JY. The handwriting is extremely close to JY’s handwriting and the last name is misspelled (it says Altman, not Altmann, which is the correct spelling).
  • IA Criminal – There is video showing Ilana Altman being escorted from Miriam’s condo, and MeowMix received an anonymous tip stating there are charges coming. As of today, March 8, 2021, there are no charges.

Total: One private prosecution, one civil, and suspected criminal charges coming.

That’s 75 different confirmed files for the three stooges alone. None of the above includes Yaniv’s various threats (Twitter, NY Fries, etc).

Court data is from BC CSO.