Yaniv – Apathetic Pervert

A few days ago, YouTuber and public speaker Blaire White announced that she had received information that Yaniv had been masturbating on videos with young girls, moaning sexually and satirically saying Blaire’s name.

Days later, on December 15, it came to light that Yaniv was allegedly making prank calls to past victims of his harassment (see the Lisa folder on MeowTube for details on that story). In these calls, Yaniv allegedly moaned sexually while pleasuring himself and made comments like “suck me baby” into the phone. Lisa immediately recognized Yaniv’s very identifiable voice and announced to others in the room jokingly, “Yaniv is on the phone!”. The caller immediately went silent and hung up.

The Meow Mix contacted Megs, writer of a recent article on Meow Mix that expressed her opinions on Yaniv’s authenticity for comments on these new events. Revolted, she said that nobody with gender dysphoria jokes around about needing to be given oral sex in this manner. This casts more doubt on Yaniv’s authenticity as a trans woman and gives more credibility that Yaniv is simply a pervert in disguise.

Yaniv denied all wrongdoing and accused people of making this story up, even threatening to sue people that shared the story. Morgane Oger, a trans woman herself, spoke up, saying Yaniv was displaying a known pattern of conduct.

Yaniv retaliated angrily, saying “No one asked for your input Oger, stay the f*** away from me and shut your f***ing mouth with your BS. Mkay?”

Yaniv, in an attempt to go into hiding after being further exposed as a pervert and predator, posted this sincere-looking tweet:

The Twitterverse saw through it and called Yaniv out for trying to manipulate peoples emotions to hide his misdeeds, while still vehemently denying any wrongdoing.

Yaniv’s social media hiatus lasted less than 24 hours. He was back the next night ranting about his “private charges” he filed against Donald Smith, trying to further push his lies onto everyone.

Then, one eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted something very suspicious:

Corey Dixon, a Toronto-based actor, YouTuber, and motivation speaker had posted this tweet shortly before Yaniv’s. Dixon was sending a heartfelt message to his friends and family to share his humanity and vulnerability and show the world that struggling with mental illness isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Yaniv took Dixon’s words and twisted them in an attempt to manipulate everyone to feel bad for him and distract them from his masturbation calls and private charge charade.

When confronted, Yaniv replied with just three words – “I know Corey”.

This deserved some digging, and the Meow Mix reached out to Dixon. He had already posted his rebuttal to Yaniv and reached out to Blaire White with an interesting Yaniv tidbit.

Dixon had indeed met Yaniv several years ago, while Yaniv went by Jonathan. They met online, discussing social media topics together. He felt a strange vibe from Yaniv but, to be polite, didn’t make a big deal of it.

Yaniv later announced he was coming to Toronto and wanted to meet Dixon. Dixon offered to meet him at a local entertainment facility for a quick chat. Yaniv arrived and things got more awkward from there. Yaniv, inexplicably, went to hug Dixon. Dixon declined, but Yaniv did it anyways. Dixon forgot it all and went back to work.

In a statement to Meow Mix, Dixon said:

“I have met Yaniv and spoke with Yaniv online. I did not feel comfortable around Yaniv and eventually dropped communication. No, we were never friends. I find it terribly heart breaking that Yaniv used my very real tweet as their own. I truly believe Yaniv needs to finally admit that they truly need mental health help and I hope that they do get that help. Mental illness is serious and needs to be talked more about and actually addressed properly.”

Mental illness is a real struggle for millions of people. Often invisible, it lurks in our everyday lives, haunting us. For Yaniv to hijack Dixon’s sincerity and vulnerability shows us that he is simply an apathetic pervert with no morals or conscience.

Mental illness is not a tool that one wields to manipulate people, nor is it a shield to hide behind.

If you’re struggling with mental illness, seek help. Talk to a friend, family member, counselor, doctor, or pastor. Check out these sites to find support locally: