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An Open Letter to the Township of Langley About Jessica Yaniv Simpson.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson makes a mockery of Township of Langley so I address this to them to heighten awareness they have a dangerous, abusive predators’ name on their “Adopt a Street” signs, including signs close to schools.

Dear Township of Langley,

I address this to you because the actions of JESSICA YANIV, now JESSICA SIMPSON, owner of the virtually-defunct JYKNOWSIT business, have gone unaddressed by your office. This person has several adopt-a-street signs in their name / business name, and having such is offensive, a mockery to the Township, and hurtful to the many people of which this person has made a victim.

It’s an embarrassment to our community and the residents that are forced to see these signs daily, knowing full well that this person has a pending conditional sentence for illegal weapons possession, is facing assault charges, is the focus of multiple serious lawsuits, and has been accused by countless young girls online of inappropriate, sexually deviant behaviour.

This person does not represent our community and should not be named on it’s signs, sponsored or not.

In response to this letter, Simpson will claim that this is the action of an alt-right, anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ hate group. This is absolutely false. Our group is comprised of members of both sides of the political spectrum, several members of the LGBTQ community, and various religious and non-religious beliefs. Our drive to remove this persons name from our streets has nothing to do with her sexuality or sexual orientation, with the exception that we are vehemently opposed to her alleged actions related to underage girls.

Her persona of being a community leader and activist is false. She been denounced by the LGBTQ community for her actions, and she does not participate in local community projects or efforts to better the LGBTQ community. In fact, she manipulates the LGBTQ to her own benefit, alleging hate speech and transphobia to distract from her own misconduct.

To show this, we’ve included several reference videos showing Simpson’s actions online and in public. These span several years, up to and including current. These videos show a pattern of behaviour and personality traits that do not represent the people of the Township of Langley, including racism, sexual deviancy, pedophilia, hatefulness, ableism, violence, uttering death threats, and misogyny.

The behaviour shown below is not acceptable in the Township of Langley, and the citizens reject the notion that this persons name should be on our signs simply because they enrolled in a program. There are children that see these signs daily, and we must ensure they do not grow to see Simpson as a leader.

Exhibit A: Racism example. Social media.

These anti-immigrant, xenophobic sentiments do not represent the opinions of the Township. This hatred also motivated Simpson to take over a dozen immigrant women before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. These cases, in which Simpson was demanding that they provide bikini wax services to her male genitalia, were well publicized. It was also publicized that Simpson was offered these services by other salons in the area and declined their services.

The Tribunal member stated in her decision:

“Ms. Yaniv’s complaints against Blue Heaven Beauty Lounge and Sandeep Benipal, Marcia DaSilva, Judy Tran, Pam Dulay, and Merle Norman are not justified. Ms. Yaniv’s complaints against Sukhdip Hehar and Sukhi Beauty Dream Salon, and Hina Moin, were brought for improper motives. Ms. Yaniv’s applications for costs are dismissed. I order Ms. Yaniv to pay $2,000 to each of Ms. Benipal, Ms. DaSilva, and Mrs. Hehar as costs for improper conduct.

The full transcript can be found here.

Simpson has also engaged in ableist hate speech towards neurodiverse and disabled people.

Exhibit B: Simpson and Miriam Yaniv, departing the Surrey Courthouse, making remarks to Donald Smith.

Is this the person we want our children to see when they see Simpson’s name or business name on our street signs?

Simpson has attacked the Township directly. She made a mockery of the Township by appearing in front of them with grossly exaggerated medical claims and behaviour. From her own publicly released medical records it was revealed to be an arachnoid cyst, declared harmless by Simpson’s doctors. This is not a tumour, and it’s been proven time and time again that Simpson’s mobility issues do not require a wheelchair. This was a stunt. A stunt that Simpson’s own former friends said was so Simpson could take advantage of the handyDART service and better parking.

Exhibit C: Simpson appearing before the Township of Langley.

Simpson’s deviant behaviour does not end there. She livestreamed a video of herself in a Township pool facility, panning the camera around to show young women and girls in their swimwear.

Exhibit D: Simpson video in a Township pool.

In 2019, Simpson was arrested for possession of an illegal weapon – a taser. She brandished it during a livestream video, and has since gone on to claim that, despite being prohibited from owning weapons for two years, she intends to obtain a handgun.

Exhibit E: Simpon video with taser.

Simpson is currently facing criminal assault charges for the assault shown in the video below. This occurred in 2019, outside the Surrey courthouse, as Simpson was leaving a hearing related to her weapons possession charges. Simpson is currently awaiting trial for this assault.

Exhibit F: Simpson assaulting Keean Bexte.

Simpson’s violence is not isolated to this event. She and her mother Miriam Simpson assaulted a reporter, David Menzies, with a cane outside her home in 2019, and have made frequent violent death threats on video and social media.

Exhibit G: Simpson threatening to murder people online.

A recent live stream in which Simpson, under name Jessica(LGBT), threatened murder and claimed to have weapons. Note that Simpson claims that everyone that doesn’t support her is transphobic.

Exhibit H: Simpson threatening to murder Chris Elston and using her phone while driving. This occured in late 2020 on Township streets.

Exhibit I: Violent threats made over the phone.

Simpson is a frequent harasser and repeat abuser of our police force and their civilian staff. Simpson is a massive waste of resources and places our officers at risk daily, physically, mentally, and litigiously. To that point, Simpson recently filed a lawsuit against the Township of Langley civilian RCMP staff, alleging poor treatment in a jail cell and discrimination. Simpson often posts taunts and attacks towards the RCMP on her social media.

Exhibit J: Simpson Snapchat message about Langley RCMP dispatchers. Simpson sends these to young teen girls, hoping for attention.

The signs in question include the name of Simpson’s business, JYKNOWSIT. This business is virtually defunct, having no clientele or up to date online presence. Through this business, Simpson claimed to have clients including social media star Chelsko, platinum-selling girl group Cimorelli, and local restaurant NY Grill.

I specifically mention these because all three have disavowed Simpson and denied her claims. Chelsko and Cimorelli both severed ties to Simpson after abusive and inappropriate behaviour emerged, and Simpson vengefully made claims against the owner of the NY Grill alleging misconduct. These claims were never proven, and Simpson has gone on to repeat these claims nearly verbatim against others. They are rehearsed fiction. Nothing more.

If the above isn’t adequate to show the Township that Simpson’s name has no place on our street signs, you should be aware that there are multiple allegations of predatory behaviour towards minors by Simpson. These victims range in age from 9 years old to 17.

Exhibit K: Sexual clip sent by Simpson to a 14-year-old girl.

Exhibit L: Messages sent to a 15-year-old girl about her 9-year-old sister.

The safety of our community is priority. Simpson has the right to live here and enjoy a peaceful, happy life, as does everyone. Nobody, however, should be subject to Simpson’s abusive behaviour, and signs representing her should not grace our streets. These should be reserved for community leaders and upstanding citizens, not accused pedophiles facing assault charges and multiple lawsuits.

To show that this person is not a leader and should not be seen by our children as one, please see this video of Simpson herself talking about these specific signs.

A leader would call for positive action, or clean the sign and the area. This is not what a leader does, nor how a leader speaks.

Please take critical steps to making our streets and children safer. Remove Jessica Yaniv aka Jessica Simpson’s name and business name from the Township of Langley adopt-a-street signs.

Thank you.

We have provided this petition, which Simpson will surely try to have removed as she does with all other things. If this occurs, we will appeal. Regardless of that outcome, the Township must be made aware. Please consider sharing this letter on your social media and with ToL community leaders.

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