Amy Hamm Sues Yaniv!

We all knew this was coming! First Yaniv was destroyed by the BC HRT, then Keean Bexte and David Menzies sued him for $35K, and now Amy Hamm gets her revenge for Yaniv’s incredibly defamatory accusations.

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On January 22, 2020, Yaniv was sent a letter (above) demanding that he apologize for his accusations against Amy Hamm. He had publicly stated that Amy sexually assaulted him. The court documents below detail events of the day.

Obviously, nobody has sexually assaulted Yaniv. He has made these claims before against others, including his former employer Mani Vigg.

Meow Mix researchers are also of the opinion that several “Limited Access” files that now appear on the BC CSO website are private prosecutions initiated by Yaniv against Hamm. These will die off at the first hearing. For details on this process, read more here.

What is Amy seeking in her lawsuit? This is where it’s even more interesting. Bexte and Menzies filed their lawsuit in BC Provincial Court. The maximum amount that can be awarded in this court is $35,000.

Hamm, on the other hand, launched her lawsuit in the BC Supreme Court. Instead of a specific amount, Hamm is asking the court to award an amount based on aggravated damages, punitive damages, and a restraining injunction against Yaniv, plus costs. Combined, these could exceed $1,000,000.

Yaniv should have apologized when he had the chance. He’s screwed now.

Court documents are below. Good luck Amy. Please reach out if anyone from Meow Mix can be of any support.