Amy Hamm Fires New Shot at Jessica Yaniv in Court

Quick background on this: Jessica Yaniv accused Amy Hamm of sexual assault on Twitter. Yaniv doubled down and sought police action. The Crown obviously refused to charge Hamm. Hamm sued Yaniv for defamation. Yaniv responded with a rambling, incoherent mess of a counterclaim. Hamm replied with a shot across Jonny’s bow. Caught up? Good.

On August 14, 2020, Hamm’s lawyer filed a Notice of Application that they will be seeking an order to strike Yaniv’s counterclaim entirely – the same request Bexte’s/Menzie’s lawyers have made – on the grounds that it makes no bloody sense and has no basis in legal reality.

It’s worth noting that they also called out Yaniv for what he is – a vexatious and dishonest litigant.

amy hamm response

The application also seeks costs payable to Hamm, or an order that Yaniv fork over a $5,000 bond for costs within 30 days, simply to make Yaniv put his money where his vexatious mouth is before proceeding any further in court.

This follows last weeks news of Yaniv being shut down over Kari Simpson and instructed by the judge to drop his case. Not a good month for Langley’s biggest alleged pedophile so far.

The full document is available in the MeowMix library.

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