Alleged Violent Serial Predator Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Criminal Assault Charge Update

Editor Note: Out of respect for the LGBTQ+ community, which the author here also identifies as a member of and can attest that the LGBTQ+ condemn Jessica Yaniv Simpson and their alleged predatory conduct towards women and children, all efforts have been made to use desired or neutral pronouns in this story.

Today at 9:48 AM PST, Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s criminal defence lawyer, Andrew Coulthard, attended by video conference via Microsoft Teams on the matter. Nothing exciting happened asides from further putting the matter off until the morning November 24, 2020, as the BC Prosecution Service plans to assigning crown to the file in order to prosecute JYS for this violent assault. Coulthard ironically referred to JYS as “Yaniv” rather than “Simpson”, perhaps because of the legal name at the time that the charges were laid against JYS.

It looks like JYS is not going to accept a plea deal and plans to take this to trial. As Meow Mix has pointed out previously, it is speculated that JYS will use a malingering defence and try to justify the brutal assault on Keean Bexte. Most likely, we speculate JYS will decry about the alleged “Level 1 sexual assault” that never happened earlier that day regarding Amy Eileen Hamm. JYS faces a defamation suit for these comments after alleging to vexatiously and frivolously report to five rape relief and sexual assault women’s shelters in Greater Vancouver, as overkill. Moreso, it was likely to further defame and harm Hamm’s reputation as a Feminist Activist to these agencies.

It’s still surprising Coulthard continues to polarize around the drama and represent JYS, especially as he went on the record via Twitter to state he had no particulars on JYS’ previous civil cases, to the contrary, as stated by JYS’ in court documents claiming Coulthard’s role in the civil matters regarding the Township of Langley. JYS remains self-represented in these cases (archived at:

JYS even took to Twitter to troll audiences about “micro penis measurements” prior to the hearing. However, ironically, has JYS signalled that they are declaring themselves the winner of the contest in advance? Archived at:

JYS remains a very dangerous and violent alleged serial predator at-large within the local community, particularly where underage girls and young women are concerned. JYS continues to magically evade justice for a number of crimes, which some currently under investigation appear hopeful to material for additional criminal charges in the near future.

There continues to be several Community Safety Alerts sightings reported at local transit terminals and retail stores, such as most recent one for feminine hygiene products at the local Shoppers Drug Mart closest to JYS, as of Late Thursday afternoon, as reported by a reliable source. Please note that Meow Mix has no responsibility on this Community Safety Alert campaign whatsoever; however, we fully support the individual(s) campaign and eagerly would like to speak with them and understand if they have a potential backstory with JYS.

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