Abby’s Weekly Wrap Up 30 October, 2020

Hey guys! Another fun filled week on Planet YanYan. HOOBOY! Today we had court and Jon was on, what is sadly considered to be his best behavior. He was sassy and generally annoying. It is suspected that he is responsible for the disruptions of other people attempting to carry out their court business by unmuting his mic while on speaker, which caused a very annoying echo. It nearly doubled the time it took people to speak because they had to stop after only a few words to let the echo play out, then continue. He gave a very put upon sigh while the judge was speaking and there was a loud rustling of papers. I’m sure Jon was angrily shoving them all into his cute little manila folder with Hello Kitty stickers on the front. Make sure you read all of this last weeks news because there’s been A LOT going on. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! Also it’s not too late to order your very own Meowloween mug from our merch store! Please share this, and all of our posts with your friends on social media. I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!