5 Minutes of My Life Wasted?!: Calling JY to Stay Away From Tianna!

May 27, 2020

By: @divebomberinc

Yesterday, Jessica Yaniv felt the inevitability of her latest (and not last) rejection after the truth came out to a young lady who was deceived by the notorious predator whose been cruising a lesbian dating platform, HER, with no intent to disclose her pre-op trans woman status.

My call with Jessica Yaniv titled “BAD LIAR”. You can find this on

JY has spent some of her most recent days trying to stay off the radar and seeking new victims outside of usual hot spots like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using other platforms like HER and Snapchat. It was only two months ago when JY was booted from a HER Zoom Webinar on learning how to be a more sexy sexter (to go after new victims most likely) when she became verbally abusive to audience members after it was announced of her predatory status within the media.

As Meow Mix reported yesterday, this young lady, Tianna, had just recently came out as bisexual and was seeking a new chapter in her life. She’s new to the world of the LGBTQ+ coming out and still finding her place in the community.

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I empathize for her situation as I reminisce my own youth, coming out as bisexual at 18, where I was bushy-eyed, eager and energetic, albeit naive to LGBTQ+ world around me while trying to seek acceptance, companionship and friendship. There are many trials and tribulations just coming out to the world facing superficiality, rejection and a spice of drama.

My heart goes out to Tianna because nearly 18 years ago, I began the same journey. Admittedly, I was both a victim and within the polarity of a predator on at least three times in my youth; however, none as scathing and reviled as globally renown predator Jessica Yaniv.

I felt the need to intervene with the public knowledge of the digits for the bat(-shit) cave, as I decided to personally tell JY to stay away from Tianna. She doesn’t deserve to be retaliated or stalked because JY is a pathological liar and painting herself as a “sugar momma”. My fear was JY would possibly stalk her or harm her physically, armed with intimate knowledge of her address. After all, we’re dealing with someone whose a misogynist and hatred of women with a tendency for domestic violence.

Let me be clear: I acted on my own accord. Tianna didn’t know that I made the call. I feared for her safety, so I felt that JY needed to feel intimidated by me and to feel my presence yet again.

Now, I must point out, JY has a prompt when calling her that requires you to push “6” before being “dispatched through”. I am sure that at the onset of the call, Yaniv was readying a recording device, which doesn’t phase me, as you can see I happily shared the recorded conversation. I wasn’t surprised at the delusions of Yaniv now alleging the inverse to the contrary of undisputed facts and claiming that Tianna was pursuing her of all things.

JY didn’t seem too kindly being called a “catfish” (it was nicer than “predator” or “alleged pedophile”, am I right?!), especially when JY’s rebuttal that the photograph in question was attributed to having worn a wig. I tried to depict that JY continues deceiving others portraying herself as a “cis woman” without using those terminologies verbatim. I did kindly ask if the said wig was due to balding, as we’ve all seen JY with an array of different “Party City wigs”.

Anyways, to no surprise, JY will never see the world as clear as the rest of us fortunate to be lucid. The allegations have been flipped that Tianna came onto her and as the narrative always goes– JY is always the victim here! But in usual JY fashion, the threats of calling the cops and inference of further retaliation, when JY kept repeating to be armed with possession of my address and Tianna’s address.

I painted the picture for JY: the monochromatic photo-shopped image that’s used to catfish others on social media is intended to deceive others. As promised to our fellow audience, I’ll give an easter egg that there’s an origin story to the photo: it was created by an “alleged” young lady named Molly. Technically, that photo-shopped piece is fair game for a DMCA complaint by someone in the vicinity here…but there will be more to that story very soon.

JY got the usual threats of calling the cops and encouraging me to call the cops. I argued the cops don’t care for JY, as they’re a cop hater after the public knowledge of comments JY made about Constable Heidi Stevenson who gave her life to save others in the worst shooting in Canadian History- a very comment that JY threatened to recreate the violence in a threat to a prankster. At this point, JY, had the usual cowardly hissy fit and hung up on me. Later, I did text JY if she’s calmed down now and offered to civilly continue our dialogue. I received no response.

Hopefully, JY will stay away from Tianna once and for all. Note, that during this call, I gave the alias “Rob”- a patchwork to another nickname I have, which if I revealed I was Billy/Will, JY would have probably disconnected the call sooner or uttered threats of retaliation. After all, asides from a poor doxxing attempt by JY, her animosity towards me is for being the prime caller during the Blaire White podcast that catalyzed the taser charges (as per the E-Comm reports), deceiving her as a false ally to give clearly false arguments to befall her at the BC Human Rights Tribunal and passing information to Meow Mix and others from Facebook for over eight months. Then again, I haven’t seen any retaliation over the Liquor Store video, putting a “MEOW” bumper sticker on her vehicle in a handicapped parking spot or the “JY Knows SHIT” sign on 202nd Street.

JY continues to hurt and terrorize my hometown and I’ve seen countless people forced into submission with calls to their places of business and neighbours defamed and humiliated because this predator cannot accept the words “no”. Clearly, I blame Miriam and Yitzhak for ingraining that notion. I’ll speak more to that in an upcoming commentary, as I won’t back down to this predator! JY knows who I am and where to find me, but is too much of a coward to talk more than just shy of five minutes with me.

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