Meow Mix News and A Message to Our Contributors

A lot has changed since Meow Mix started up. What was once a tiny little 30-picture Flickr album compilation is now one of the largest archives of JY’s (alleged) predatory behaviour on the internet. I wanted to take a minute to update everyone, new friends and old, on Meow Mix business.

First off, we often refer to Meow Mix and Meow Tube. Simply put, one is the blog, one is the media library.

I want to take a second to really highlight Meow Tube and how far it has come. I couldn’t have done this myself. When you visit you will see three sections – one linking back to this blog, then the picture gallery, and finally the video gallery.

These took hours to configure and sort. The person who did this knows who they are, and I’m grateful for their expertise. Without them I’d still be using a cheesy Google drive or online photo album, dodging fake DMCA claims from DJ Pedopuff.

The picture and video libraries are sorted and organized to make it easy for you to browse, and every video has been configured for fast streaming and quick access. Again, this was no small feat. An innocent laptop lost its life in this process.

The photo library categories break down even further. If you ever need a certain Yaniv photo, it’s here, including screenshots of every substantial tweet Yaniv has made back to 2012.

Some quick stats:

  • On average, new Meow Mix blog post is created every 30 hours.
  • We’ve meticulously sorted, labeled, and filed nearly 3500 images and over 160 unique videos.
  • The most viewed story of 2019 was the MandaPanda log, followed by the Katie story.
  • The most viewed stories of 2020 are the Dear Jessica letter from Jenna, followed by the JY Strata Meeting Bodycam story.
  • 2/3 of our site traffic is generated in North America, but people have visited from over 110 different countries on every continent, including Antarctica. Either that’s a penguin or someone used a VPN.
  • Over 30 unique legal documents (or compilations of documents) totaling over 500 pages are posted in the Yaniv Legal Document Library. The most downloaded file? Yaniv’s physiotherapist certificate of readiness, AKA the medical records.
  • Detailed case information on 26 different legal and HRT filings are in the Litigious Little Liar Log – the best place to keep up on Yaniv current legal events.
  • Twitter is, by far, the single biggest source for generating site traffic, followed by search engines and KiwiFarms – the original source for all things JY. We also see referrals from youtube, Mumsnet, spinster, tumblr, and reddit!

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their contributions to Meow Mix. First, the people that write for and help design Meow Mix. They know who they are. You guys don’t always want to be named, but we chat daily and you guys are the best. Second, our readers. Your support for us – both financially and in sharing our content – is valuable.

I remember when I first started the Flickr album and it hit 50 pictures. I was impressed we could compile 50 pictures on one page. Look how far we’ve come. Thank you all.

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