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Pedophile Jessica Yaniv Simpson TikTokStalks More Teens

Surprised? Us neither. Jessica Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv Simpson aka Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Serenity Simpson aka Langley’s Least Loved has been following more young women on TikTok over the last week or so. It’s almost like he’s trying to prove he’s a pedophile, as if there was any doubt.

The youngest of these girls is 14, and the oldest is 19, but some of their pictures include what appears to be younger siblings, maybe around 12-13 years old. All of them fit the same description – young, pretty, thin, white. Most of them have dance videos, or post things about their periods or tampons, intended to be shared with their peers, naïve that Jonathan Yaniv is lurking and fingering his butthole to their pictures.

If you needed any further prove that Yaniv is a monster and society needs to knock him down, keep scrolling. I blurred a lot so the girls can’t be identified, but you can still see enough of them to know why Yaniv was targeting them – tummies showing, swimsuits, short shorts, and so on.

Fingers crossed Yaniv gets what he has coming.

  • jessica yaniv simpson tiktokstalk

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