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Court Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs DFS Costs Hearing

June 7, 2021: Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Donald Smith are due to face off in court to determine if costs are payable to DFS and, if so, how much. Here’s a quick refresher on the latest events in this case:

  • March 5 – JY withdraws his lawsuit against DFS after he is unable to provide any justification to the court on why it should continue.
  • March 10 – A judge invites DFS to apply for costs against JY.
  • May 5 – DFS files an application for costs and a 150-page supporting document with evidence.
  • May 10 – This application is served to Yaniv via registered mail.
  • May 19 – JY files a bizarre application in response to DFS’s application, in which he calls DFS delusionable and psychotic and asks for the hearing to be held by phone.
  • May 28 – the request for the hearing to be held by phone is granted.
  • June 1 – the date which Yaniv states he learned of DFS’s costs hearing – despite having filed a reply to it and attended one court hearing related to it.
  • June 3 – JY files an application requesting the hearing be delayed 2-3 months while he retains defense counsel, and states he needs a service dog. He demands the court accommodate his disability that he states DFS caused. The Surrey court clerk updates the case to say JY must be present in person.
  • June 4 – JY waits until Kari Simpson isn’t at her office and slides an envelope under her door to serve Donald.

So, JY tried to get out of the trouble he caused, DFS applied for costs, JY replied to his costs claim, then said he never got it, but there’s evidence he did, and now he wants to delay again. Let’s see how the Judge responds today.

Canada Post timestamps showing delivery of the registered mail package to Jessica Yaniv Simpson on May 10, 2021. The address used is JY’s registered PO box that he uses for most of his legal documents.

Today’s hearing is scheduled for 2:00 PM PST. MeowMix has all hands on deck to bring the news to you as fast as it comes in.

Reverse chronological updates – newest are at the top.

UPDATE 8 – 5:18 PM PST : Various snippets are coming in from earlier and will update as and when but so far we have:

JY was waiting to serve RebelMedia a lawsuit for $3million!! (Supreme Court presumably)

JY has security guards and GPS to track him at all times (Nobody can miss you JY you weigh 400LBS you dress horrendously and you can be smelt a mile away. Ironically you keep your IP hidden to hide your online antics. Our source says his GPS is just that he and Miriam track each other via Apple’s location sharing.

JY drives off and commits a dangerous driving offence…no wonder you have so many accidents!

UPDATE 7 – 5:02 PM PST : $350 awarded to Donald which may be small but is still $350 more than JY would want to be handing DFS this is another court failure by perpetual loser JY!! Ole wuss diaper Jon is being escorted by BC sheriffs to car. Maybe because of the agressive nature in courthouse or because JY is such a weakling and loves men in uniform.

UPDATE 6 – 3:27 PM PST: Kari was allowed to address the court and the Judge thanked her for supporting DFS. Donald is keeping his cool and doing great in court. Yaniv is up now. The Judge has already asked why he is here and not on the phone like he demanded. Court is back in.

UPDATE 53:21 PM PST: Four sheriffs in the hallway. Miriam was in the court alone just before this matter started and she announced that she had her own criminal matter tomorrow. She is self representing. Miriam and JY communicating in Hebrew. Yaniv swearing at Miriam, she goes to cry in the bathroom. Yaniv tells her to go home if she wants to make a scene.

UPDATE 4 – 3:11 PM PST: Judge refuses to adjourn the case. Court is on break while the Judge makes some calculations. JY was warned to not swear in court or he’d be arrested. Three sheriffs are present.

UPDATE 3 – 2:15 PM PST: Yaniv doesn’t have his security guard in tow, or a service dog, but he did bring mommy dearest. He’s wearing a black hoodie today – lovely professional court attire as usual.

UPDATE 2 – 2:05 PM PST: Everyone is in attendance. Upon arrival, Yaniv called Kari Simpson a fucking bitch. A nearby sheriff intervened and Yaniv was warned off. Yaniv is apparently very angry to be at court.

UPDATE 1 – 9:45 AM PST: Apparently Jon woke up bitchy! What a great start to the day. Just what DFS and Kari needed to go into the court and prove to the judge that Yaniv is a problem. Also looks like he’s going after Drea from Rebel Media – coincidentally after I tagged her on Twitter this morning. Poor Jon has his diaper in a twist.

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