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Surrey Judge Crushes Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Campaign of Hate; JY Spazzes About Costs!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, accused pedophile, 6x criminal, and serial litigant, has been told to get the fuck out and shut up. At least that’s how I imagine it went in the judge’s head today when FOUR of Yaniv’s private prosecution/restraining order applications were dismissed outright.

According to the Surrey Courthouse, limited access files 243681, 243683, 243864, and 250007 (believed to be a restraining order application) were heard in courtroom 101 today and promptly dismissed. File number 243682 was dismissed in April. File 243685 was stayed by Crown, effectively ending it as well.

MeowMix will request a transcript if one is available but it may not be possible due to the restricted access nature of these files. We do know from sources that Yaniv filed these as private prosecution / restraining order applications, and at least one was against Donald Smith, which means this is one more example of Yaniv losing in his campaign of terror against DFS.

jessica yaniv simpson

If that’s not funny enough, here’s a fine piece of literature, filed by Jon the Con at the Surrey Court today, May 19, 2021. It’s an angry, ranting piece of garbage that should show the Court exactly who Yaniv is and proving how he’s nothing more than an angry man in a skirt. This is in response to the application filed by DFS against Yaniv for costs – which we expect DFS to win at least a few bucks from Yaniv.

It’s nearly impossible to read so I’ll transcribe using JY’s mistakes:

It’s an application for the following order: “That the Frivpolous APPlication for costs written by Kari Simpson and made by Donald Smith be done over telePhone due to security concerns due to the aggressive Psychopathic, inexcusable and threatening behaviour of Donald Smith and the way he acts inside and outside of the court. This application must be heard prior to June 7, 2021. Mr. Smith exhibits delusionable, aggressive, and psychoth behaviour while in the court and outside of the court. He has made repeated BomB THREATS, death threats, and other threats to me. He doesn’t respect court and police added conditions.

I know this is a bit out of bounds to say, but it makes me think maybe Jon was referring to himself every time he shouted “autistic fucking retard”.

This will be heard May 28, 2021.

Download the PDF here.

20210519 - JY vs DFS - Application Regarding Costs Application
Download 44.3 KB

Fuck you Jon 😀 Karma always wins. Especially against disability-faking, dress-wearing men.

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