Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs ToL and City of Vancouver: Reply

The City of Vancouver filed a reply to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s epic fail lawsuit on April 12, 2021. I apologize for missing this – it was posted the same day as the reply from the Township of Langley and I didn’t notice it until today.

There was also an update filed yesterday, May 18, 2021 – a Notice of Settlement Conference. This document has been requested from the BC Court as well. A settlement conference does not mean that the parties JY is suing have agreed to settle. This is the next step in a lawsuit like this and one that must be passed before proceeding any further in court. JY will be banking on some quick money to go away, while all of society will be hoping the various governments soundly tell him to fuck off and die in a corner.

The reply from the City is pretty straightforward – they deny everything Yaniv says and state that his claim doesn’t disclose a single actionable cause for them to even respond to.

I will be doing my bar exam in the near future.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, January 4, 2020, related quote

In other words, like virtually every other lawsuit filed by this moron, there’s nothing here. It’s a money grab by a fat lazy pedophile.

I encourage residents of Vancouver, Langley, BC, hell, all of Canada, to contact the government agencies listed on the lawsuit documents and speak their minds – “Don’t pay this pedo!” The lawyers for each agency are listed on the lawsuit documents, along with their contact info. I’ve linked to each document below.

Township of Langley

Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

City of Vancouver – see below

I’ve hesitated on calling people to action in this manner in the past but screw it. Yaniv is abusing the system for profit and vengeance and the only way to stand up against him is to talk to these agencies – agencies that represent Canadians – and tell them your stance. If you do contact them, please be civil, courteous, and professional. They’re not JY. They’re victims, too.

Document images and a downloadable PDF are below.

20210412 - JY vs Township of Langley - City of Vancouver Reply
Download 67.2 KB
20210519 - JY vs Township of Langley and Others - Notice of Settlement Conference
Download 49.4 KB
jessica yaniv simpson tol

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