Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Strata Update: New Application Filed

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has filed a follow-up application to his strata demanding all kinds of senseless shit.

Before I go too far, Yaniv is scheduled in court today, May 18, 2021, to confirm a trial date for his mischief and threats charges. This will likely be uneventful and simply confirm a trial date. If anything more comes of it I will provide an update.

Back to Yaniv’s list of demands….he’s asked for:

  • An order for 5 access control fobs.
  • An order that the strata provide video surveillance to the Langley RCMP.
  • An order that the entryway phone volume be turned up.
  • An order that Yaniv gets a list of everyone in the building.
  • An order that Yaniv be allowed to have a camera facing outside.
  • An order that his personal info (fob/tag audits) be provided.
jessica yaniv simpson

All of that is pretty ridiculous in itself, but my favourite part comes next: his rationale for each request.

  • extra keys – because he had to hire a security company to do mobile patrols. These are just drive-by’s. They randomly drive by and check his car. Imagine thinking you were that important or being that paranoid. These are pretty useless anyways.
  • hearing impairment – could be reasonable, but if memory serves the volume was turned down a while ago because it was too loud for everyone.
  • a list of tenants “because he can”. That’s a bit scary…give the moron that publishes his own private docs online access to everyone’s names.
  • and the camera, because “you can’t tell me what to do”.

I can’t imagine how much it must suck to live JY’s life. Instead of looking forward to spending a nice evening with family, eating dinner and catching up on the latest prime time TV, Yaniv eats overcooked Sidekicks, undercooked bacon, and sulks. Instead of having a career, he has a desk in the corner of his one-room condo covered in cum dust, Red Bull cans, and outdated gadgets, not to mentioned pages and pages of legal drafts. Instead of having friends to call, he scours Omegle looking for underage girls.

This is the life of Jonathan Yaniv. I love it.

This is scheduled to be heard June 3, 2021 at the Surrey Courthouse. MeowMix will provide updates as information comes in.

20210517 - JY vs Strata - Additional Application
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