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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Township of Langley and Others: Amended Reply

Jessica Yaniv Simpson amended his initial lawsuit against the Township of Langley to include several more defendants, including branches of the provincial and federal governments. It was then amended by JY a few days later, which MeowMix didn’t post because there was too much other stuff going on and the changes are minor. The Township has since filed a reply.

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First, a comparison of Yaniv’s first amendment vs the second amended lawsuit. The images below show the re-filed notice of claim on the left (from March 23) and the amendment on April 6 on the right side. The changes are pretty minimal.

The only change is that JY added the Solicitor General as a defendant alongside the Ministry of Public Safety.

The Township was the first to file a response to JY. Their previous response from November was 6 pages and has since been shortened to 4. Gallery below.

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The differences in the reply on November 4, 2020 and the amended reply on April 12, 2021 are tricky to follow.

Page 2: Added a clause that the Township of Langley staff (referring to the RCMP civil staff) operate under the direction of the RCMP and were following procedures at all times.

It’s a bit confusing whether this reply is missing a page or if a court procedure about deleting a partial clause that carried over from one page to another is in play here, but the top of page 3 is confusing.

I will ask our legal expert friend, but the gist of it that the Township of Langley denies all of Yaniv’s claims and is requesting that the case be dismissed with costs awarded to the TOL.

PDF’s are below.

20210406 - JY vs Township of Langley - Amended Notice of Claim
Download 10.5 MB
20210412 - JY VS Township of Langley and Others - Amended Reply
Download 553.1 KB