Jessica Yaniv Simpson Reopening Rebel Media Lawsuit?

In September 2020, Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a hilariously worthless lawsuit against Rebel Media, alleging defamation, harassment, and countless other whiny things. He included things like, “they said I’m fake trans and a disability faker”, which he is.

Note, this may be about a fool but this isn’t an April Fools joke. Yaniv really is THIS stupid.

The lawsuit hit a dead end when Yanivs application for indigent status (read: too broke to pay fees) was denied by the BC Supreme Court. Yaniv was told to cough up the fees and he never returned. Until now.

Note this key difference – this is BC Supreme, not BC Small Claims (provincial). Also, it’s important to note that this isn’t the Supreme Court of Canada. It’s just a higher level BC court – but it is more serious. This is big boy court. Yaniv needs big boy pants to play here. He’s going to get smoked.

Todays filing is a new indigent status application which appears to have been granted. With that in mind, I would expect Yaniv also filed a new or amended claim. MeowMix will monitor CSO and update readers as info becomes available.

Yaniv also filed a new financial affidavit and we’ll get our hands on that early next week.