jessica yaniv simpson

Court Update – Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Case

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s assault file is due in court today, Mar 30, 2021. Yaniv was charged with assault in relation to his assault on Keean Bexte outside the Surrey Courthouse in 2020.

Todays hearing is virtual and will likely be attended only by his lawyer. MeowMix will report as information comes in.

Update 1: 12:15 PM PST

As expected, todays hearing was attended by a student on behalf of Andrew Coulthard, counsel for Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Because previous trials were rescheduled due to medical reasons, today’s hearing confirmed that Yaniv still wanted to proceed to trial. Another hearing is scheduled April 22, 2021 an 9:00 am to set a trial date.

At that time we should expect another hearing for a few weeks out to confirm the trial date, and then a 1-day trial will be held after that.