jessica yaniv simspon surrey courthouse

2021-04-27 Court Update: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Criminal Charges

A hearing is scheduled for today, April 27, 2021, to confirm a trial date for Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s three criminal charges related to Chris Elston. These charges are for uttering threats and public mischief.

A quick note re: technical issues on MeowMix. Yesterdays outage was due to a problem with our hosts services and we thought it was resolved. We’ve been having some bad gateway errors today and will continue working on these. We apologize to our readers for the trouble and want to make sure everyone knows that Yaniv did not have MeowMix cancelled. That won’t happen. Everything was backed up locally and on our backup servers.

Today’s hearing would normally be uninteresting and probably not even Mix-worthy except for the fact that Yaniv had a similar hearing scheduled on April 22, 2021 to confirm a trial date for his assault charge and neither he nor his lawyer appeared, resulting in an application for a warrant. That file shows a hearing scheduled for May 6, 2021 for “APW”. The BC CSO website defines “APW” as “Used as the next appearance reason when an application for a warrant is made after the non appearance of the accused is noted.

It’s interesting because Yaniv’s lawyer or a student has always appeared to represent Yaniv at past hearings. Was this simply a mistake? Did Yaniv’s lawyer drop him? Did Yaniv skip intentionally?

Better yet, what will happen today? Same hearing type, different file. Same lawyer is expected. Will he show?

Update: 10:25 AM PST: A student appeared on behalf of Yaniv’s lawyer Andrew Coulthard. This was a repeat of the hearing on April 9. Coulthard is claiming to be having problems communicating with the Crown prosecutor Cheryl Stanley. On April 9, Coulthard claimed he was unable to reach her because he couldn’t spell her name. This time he claimed he was waiting for Crown to be assigned.

Perhaps Yaniv could ask his lawyer to check MeowMix. We reported on March 16, 2021 that Cheryl Stanley was assigned to this file.

Crown appeared to be on to Coulthard’s game. He told the student that he would personally connect Coulthard with Stanley if he was having troubles and appeared to question why this was happening again.

The matter was adjourned – again – and a new hearing is scheduled to confirm a trial date on May 18, 2021.

Honestly, they say you get what you deserve. This is the lawyer Yaniv deserves.