12-14-2020 Court Update: Yaniv’s Conditions

Today, Jessica Yaniv Simpson applied to the BC Court to have some conditions removed from the sentence he received for possession of illegal weapons.

He requested that his condition to report to a PO officer be removed, his requirement to attend counseling be removed, and his weapons prohibition removed. The court granted the first two requests but not the weapons request.

Yaniv also advised the court that he was applying for a body armour permit (do they make that size?) and that he was receiving ‘lots’ of money from several government sources – ICBC, WCB, and the Ministry of Justice. Leave it to Jonny to find every way to be a leech instead of working a real job.

The only other item of note was that Andrew Coulthard, Yaniv’s lawyer for the weapons possession hearings, stated that he was no longer representing Yaniv on this matter.

Details courtesy of Kari Simpson, Chris Elston, and others.

UPDATED: 10:45 AM PST: Yaniv was released from the condition to report to a probation officer no later than Sept 22, and released from the condition to attend counseling as directed by the probation officer.

Yaniv is NOT released from the conditions to report his change in address, name, or occupation. He is not released from his prohibition of owning or possessing a weapon. There may also still be conditions ordered by his probation officer that were not in the court order. The court order specifies he must “initially report” and then follow the PO’s guidance. There may still be guidance out there.

All in all, this is literally meaningless for Yaniv. Yaniv already met these conditions and didn’t win any kind of reprieve. The conditions could have stayed on the sentence and he would have been in the exact same position.

To everyone upset about this, take a breath. The only thing Yaniv won was that the application says those conditions are satisfied/removed. The stupid thing is that he didn’t need that at all. He simply had to satisfy the conditions (which he did) and live his life. This was a 100% meaningless venture.

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