10X Criminal Jessica Yaniv Simpson Charged Again! Plus, Dangerous Driving Miriam!

Possession of illegal weapons X2.

Uttering death threats.

Public mischief X2.

Assault X2.

Reporting an offense when it was not committed.

Pulling a fire alarm.

And number 10, the most ironic of all, publishing defamatory material! That’s gotta sting Fat Jon after all the times he’s threatened to charge everyone else – over truth.

jessica yaniv simpson

MeowMix is obtaining documents but we believe this is related to this incident.

This is when Jon’s mother and aunt were arrested. They then conspired to defame the arresting officers, accusing them of assaulting Miriam and Ilana, and sexually assaulting Miriam. Details here.

Miriam and Ilana later recieved probation and conditional discharges.

In other court news, Yaniv had a hearing today for his newest charges. It was just to set a date for a future hearing. The court calendar will be updated shortly.

Lastly, it seems Miriam has been charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention. If convicted, this comes with steep increases to her insurance premiums. A hearing is scheduled July 21, 2022.